Definition of beribboned in US English:



  • Decorated with many ribbons.

    • ‘The left leg, flat and sinuous, extends forward to the tip of its elegant beribboned slipper, as if tapping time.’
    • ‘Despite his military uniform and beribboned chest, he has become a music hall joke.’
    • ‘Several of his photographs of Helen recall her portrait, and in one she even wears the same white dress and beribboned shoes.’
    • ‘That iconic Lilliput, that tiny, beribboned girl whose racquet was as big as she was, is now five four and a half feet.’
    • ‘Women were more conservative, in full skirts and beribboned white felt hats.’
    • ‘Directly above them in the coved gallery ceiling, a continuous plaster molding in the form of a decorative beribboned garland encircled the entire rotunda.’
    • ‘Maybe it's the beribboned high waistlines, maybe it's the delicate petticoats or maybe it's those slightly ridiculous bonnets, but whatever the reason, behind-the-hand sniggers are a certainty.’
    • ‘I looked up and noticed a large open window and from the dark interior two frilly beribboned sleeves emerged; two gnarled hands grabbed the adjacent shutters and slammed them shut.’
    • ‘Yes, there she was, beribboned and frilled, a grave look on her face as she ate while around her grown men traded subtle insults and subtler hints, and the women gossiped, gossip with as many messages hidden in it as any man's talk.’
    • ‘A Courtesan is played by an Asian girl hardly older than three, whose comehither gesture and coy posture, rouged lips and beribboned hair, faithfully mimic the conventions of Chinese painting.’
    • ‘A man with delicate good looks and haunting eyes, staring out at us from portraits, beribboned and aristocratic.’
    • ‘The bottom portion of her face became rounder with larger eyes and simply outlined lips, always accompanied by the pony-tailed, beribboned hair.’
    • ‘There is no bulging sack and casual scattering of beribboned boxes.’
    • ‘Had she, in the long-ago spring, bowled her hoop through that same crocus-gold park, dressed in a pinafore and tightly-laced black boots, a lonely child, but full of hope at the time, her long beribboned hair flowing out behind her?’
    • ‘His attention left the sleeping women and went to the hand carved, silk draped and beribboned crib.’