Definition of bergamot in English:



  • 1An oily substance extracted from the rind of the fruit of a dwarf variety of the Seville orange tree. It is used in cosmetics and as flavoring in tea.

    • ‘Along with taking herbs, inhale the relaxing scents of lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, bergamot, orange blossom or rose.’
    • ‘The fresh citrus fragrance of bergamot essential oil combined with the spicy pinelike scent of cypress will make your sneakers smell better than new.’
    • ‘It combines saffron, musk and vanilla with bergamot, orange blossom, nutmeg, clove and iris to create a warm, woody, yet soft scent.’
    • ‘Add 15 drops of lemon essential oil, 6 drops of lavender essential oil, and 5 drops of bergamot essential oil.’
    • ‘Some of them, including citrus oils such as orange, lemon and bergamot, react with ultraviolet light and can cause skin to burn more easily in sunlight.’
  • 2The tree which bears a variety of Seville orange from which bergamot is extracted.

    • ‘Moroccan mint tea is a brisk blend of gunpowder green tea and peppermint leaves, while Earl Grey, a famous British tea, is made up of black tea leaves flavored with bergamot orange oil.’
    • ‘Citrus zest and oil lend an invigorating tangy flavor, as well as vitamin C. Oil from the bergamot orange is sprayed over black tea to make the British favorite, Earl Grey.’
    • ‘Perhaps we cannot creatively ruin the great work of time without having planted bergamots in gardens.’
    • ‘This is the bergamot orange, now classified as C. bergamia.’
    • ‘Oil of bergamot is extracted from the peel of the bergamot orange (Citrus bergamia or Citrus aurantium bergamia), a small pear shaped sour orange which is cultivated today mostly in southern Italy.’
  • 3An aromatic North American herb of the mint family, grown for its bright flowers and traditionally used in American Indian medicine.

    Also called bee balm, Oswego tea
    • ‘Mints. wild bergamot, and yarrow, attract the American Painted Lady, Anise Swallowtail, Gray Hairstreak, Monarch, and Red Admiral.’
    • ‘A truly refreshing floral aroma with fresh top notes of revitalising green tea and sweet bergamot, sweetened by notes of juicy mandarin and soft orange.’
    • ‘Cologne Blanche begins with soft, sweet bergamot and orange flowers followed quickly by an almond/vanilla drydown.’
    • ‘Of these would have to be included, borage Borago officinalis, violets and violas viola sp., pot marigolds Calendula officinalis, sweet bergamot or bee balm Monarda didyma, to name just a few, all of which are suitable for adding to salads.’
    • ‘The lavish floral heart pairs sweet bergamot and delicate violet with no perfume undertones - it's a fresh, gentle breeze from a lush Italian oasis.’


Late 17th century ( bergamot): named after the city and province of Bergamo in northern Italy.