Definition of bereavement counseling in US English:

bereavement counseling

(British bereavement counselling)


  • Counseling intended to help people who have been bereaved to cope with their grief.

    • ‘"I was basically doing bereavement counselling for a whole crew," recalls Smith.’
    • ‘Three groups from Newbridge have received grants to provide marriage, child and bereavement counselling at their premises.’
    • ‘Her mother had died in 1998 after failing to recover from surgery and she began to receive bereavement counselling.’
    • ‘The court heard he had been "severely depressed" while committing the offence and had received bereavement counselling after the death of his son in custody.’
    • ‘They also provide bereavement counselling which helps families come to terms with the trauma.’
    • ‘She is also recently widowed and is trying to get over losing her husband with the help of bereavement counselling, which she had just attended at Sutton Hospital.’
    • ‘Stages of grieving are well established and recognised in bereavement counselling.’
    • ‘He stresses the need for proper support in times of need, i.e. bereavement counselling and so on.’
    • ‘They also enable the provision of other services such as bereavement counselling, career guidance and youth services.’
    • ‘She received bereavement counselling and, he said, his mother appeared to be coming to terms with his father's death.’
    • ‘Formal bereavement counselling or contact with a specialist organisation may be appropriate.’
    • ‘The Health Board has a phone number for those who need to talk about bereavement counselling.’
    • ‘An information evening set for Tuesday September 7 will be followed by a full training course in bereavement counselling on Tuesday evenings, starting on September 14.’
    • ‘It also offers special support for siblings, parents and the extended family as well as bereavement counselling.’
    • ‘We have bereavement counselling in the NHS.’
    • ‘Adults may end up benefiting from psychotherapy, bereavement counselling, and if necessary antidepressant medication.’
    • ‘The social impact that the communities are making is extensive and covers everything from lunch clubs and childcare, to bereavement counselling and financial advice.’
    • ‘We don't get any training in bereavement counselling—I've had pupils breaking down in tears in the classroom.’
    • ‘It will be managed by a paediatric nurse specialising in bereavement counselling.’
    • ‘But that is easier than going to bereavement counselling.’