Definition of benzophenone in US English:



  • A white, crystalline ketone that is used in perfume, sunscreen, and as a flavoring agent.

    Chemical formula: C₆H₅COC₆H₅

    • ‘However, application to the skin is problematic because the photosensitizing properties of the benzophenone moiety may cause phototoxic effects when the treated skin region is exposed to UVA light.’
    • ‘Many sunscreen products contain benzophenone or one of its derivatives.’
    • ‘This molecule also displays photophysical properties that vary greatly from benzophenone, possessing both lower energy absorption and emission bands.’
    • ‘Allergencity has been associated with several sunscreens over the years, including PABA (4-aminobenzoic acid) and its derivatives, benzophenones and dibenzoylmethanes, many of which have now been withdrawn from the market.’
    • ‘Chemical UVA absorbers, such as benzophenones and benzotriazoles in varying strengths, in conjunction with the film's polyester base, screen out almost 100 percent of UVB and UVA, without reducing visibility.’