Definition of benzidine in US English:



  • A crystalline base used in making dyes and in detecting blood stains.

    Chemical formula: NH₂C₆H₄C₆H₄NH₂

    • ‘A recent report on a study of a cohort of Chinese workers exposed to benzidine is informative.’
    • ‘But that doesn't mean that everyone who has bladder cancer has been exposed to benzidine - not many people ever are these days.’
    • ‘Besides luminol, we have many other type of chemicals such as teramethal benzidine.’
    • ‘The hybridization pattern indicates the genotype of the sample and is visualized using streptavidin-peroxidase and tetramethyl benzidine.’
    • ‘This listing is based on the fact that benzidine, which has been listed in the Report since 1980, is a known human carcinogen and once absorbed, these benzidine-based dyes are converted to free benzidine in humans.’