Definition of benzene hexachloride in US English:

benzene hexachloride

(also BHC)


  • 1A compound of benzene and chlorine used as an insecticide.

    Chemical formula: C₆H₆Cl₆

    • ‘Hexachlorocyclohexane, formally known as benzene hexachloride, is a synthetic chemical that exists in eight chemical forms called isomers.’
    • ‘While very productive, full-sun coffee harvesting requires intensive use of herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilizers (including some, like DDT and benzene hexachloride, that are banned in the U.S.).’
    • ‘As the breast cancer rate rose in 1978, the government took the precautionary step of banning three pesticides (benzene hexachloride, lindane and DDT).’
    • ‘The individual was treated with 1% gamma benzene hexachloride for scabies and developed convulsions.’
    • ‘The products were then tested for their levels of ginsenosides (key markers for the quality of ginseng) and for potential contamination with the heavy metals (lead, cadmium and arsenic) and pesticides including hexachlorobenzene, quintozene, DDT, and benzene hexachlorides (BHCs).’
  • 2

    used as a general term for lindane


benzene hexachloride

/ˌbenzēn ˌheksəˈklôrīd/