Definition of benignantly in US English:



  • See benignant

    • ‘And his majesty received them kindly and benignantly, and ordered that they should be treated like his other subjects and vassals.’
    • ‘She smiled benignantly and continued in a soft, melodious voice: ‘Listen, dear, I am an old woman and I will soon be dying.’’
    • ‘He floats across the stage in his black robes and black headgear, soaking up the applause of the audience, smiling benignantly, doing his little bows, radiating peace and goodwill.’
    • ‘But his visitor smiled benignantly, and thrusting his hands into his pockets as he rose, hummed, ‘Over the water to Charlie.’’
    • ‘Dr. Johnson smiled benignantly at this, and did not appear to disapprove of the notion.’