Definition of benevolently in US English:



  • See benevolent

    • ‘When she died, aged 75, she was still prospecting, close to the Arctic circle, having benevolently spent much of her fortune on schools and frontier hospitals.’
    • ‘We are looked upon quite benevolently, and we are quite an old fashioned company - we always pay our bills within a few days, but we are not daft!’
    • ‘Thankfully, the landlady, a stately, old woman with a reassuring gaze was still awake at this ungodly hour and benevolently helped me into a small room on the first floor.’
    • ‘She looked surprised and smiled benevolently at me - ‘Outspoken child’, she probably thought to herself.’
    • ‘The statue, with outspread wings and hands raised benevolently, was on a trough where horses drank before pulling their heavy loads up the hill.’