Definition of beneficials in US English:


plural noun

  • Insects that are a boon to gardeners.

    ‘daisies that are highly attractive to five key kinds of beneficials (ladybugs, lacewings, hover flies, tachinid flies, and miniwasps)’
    • ‘Her dissertation research focused on the use of wild and weed plant species as trap crops and as habitat for beneficials.’
    • ‘But what if you don't have access to these beneficials?’
    • ‘These will encourage bees and other beneficials to visit, plus they're beautiful to have in your garden.’
    • ‘This is easily solved by introducing ladybugs or other beneficials as necessary.’
    • ‘Any general use pesticide will kill insects indiscriminately, pests and beneficials alike.’
    • ‘Most beneficials will eat many different kinds of insects, but eating a few isn't control.’
    • ‘But they, too, may harm certain beneficials, so read product labels carefully.’
    • ‘But to enlist their help, be careful with pesticide use because many controls kill beneficials as well as unwanted insects.’
    • ‘Also, when the poultry house is cleaned out, leave areas of old dry manure to provide a reservoir of beneficials to repopulate the house as new flies occur.’
    • ‘The chemicals normally used to preserve fruit on its way to market have been found to kill such beneficials.’
    • ‘They bring in beneficials - ladybugs, lacewings and praying mantises - to help eliminate unwanted pests.’
    • ‘Many insects found on landscape plants are transients or beneficials, part of the natural community that helps keep pest species at low levels.’
    • ‘Some local nurseries carry beneficials; ask your nurseryman about availability.’
    • ‘Utilizing beneficials has proven to be the overall most effective way to eliminate insect and mite problems in my rose garden.’
    • ‘Any marauding bugs escaping the birds and beneficials can be controlled with horticultural oil or insecticidal soap.’
    • ‘The Putah Creek riparian area that borders the farm is a mixed blessing because it holds both beneficials like carabid beetles and lacewings, as well as the animals that raid the farm.’
    • ‘Farmers make frequent releases of small numbers of these beneficial wasps to augment their existing populations of beneficials.’
    • ‘There are insecticides that will help, but use of these will destroy beneficials, and many people don't like to eat fruit that has been treated.’
    • ‘‘That kind of runs counter to organic thinking, where you're trying to minimize impact on beneficials,’ Jantzi observes.’
    • ‘But natural gardeners welcome such beneficials as ladybugs, lacewings and syrphids in their garden because they love to feast on aphids.’