Definition of bendy in US English:


adjectivebendiest, bendier

  • Capable of bending; soft and flexible.

    • ‘The most amusing thing I bought was a plastic box full of bendy drinking straws.’
    • ‘Not being terribly bendy today I had to resort to stooping and holding the camera at arm's length, pointing hopefully at the little blooms, relying on instinct to achieve an adequate framing.’
    • ‘They may be anti-fog, provide UVR protection and have a bendy flexy lens but they look dire for the money.’
    • ‘Watch out for thin, bendy plastic that you can easily distort, tear or pull apart.’
    • ‘My father - the doctor - once showed us how bendy it was, on a rather unnerving visit to his lab.’
    • ‘We took pictures of the ziraffe (her strange bendy giraffe with zebra stripes capable of manifold contortions).’
    • ‘Its general manager says the flexible displays are far more advanced than other bendy screens in terms of size, resolution and the complexity of the organic electronics used.’
    • ‘She also requires a tea service for eight, a Honey Bear pack of honey, a box of bendy straws and two air purifiers.’
    • ‘There must have been some news item or television programme about it, as I can visualise someone demonstrating with a glass full of drinking straws [not the bendy ones].’
    • ‘Doctors often use a thin, bendy, fibre optic microscope to see inside your body.’
    • ‘I also bought bendy rollers to curl my hair, hair spray, sweets, sweets and more sweets.’
    • ‘She put a couple of bendy clips in her hair to keep it out of her face and then grabbed a beat up skateboard from under her bed.’
    • ‘Curvacious cucumbers are literally getting the chop at a York superstore because of a Eurocratic ruling over how bendy the veg should be.’
    • ‘A catheter (thin, bendy tube) is put into the pulmonary artery and a special dye is run through it that shows up under X-ray.’
    • ‘Even though elves were naturally flexible, and Silveria was bendy even by their standards, this was hard to believe.’
    • ‘They are evolving, I saw one with a bendy middle.’
    • ‘Running up to the hoop with the basketball springing up and down ahead of her, Preethi took a high jump and got the ball through the bendy hoop.’
    • ‘It's impossible to be too serious when sipping a beverage through a bendy straw.’
    • ‘They are stored on magnetically coated glass or metal disks called hard disks, so called to distinguish them from bendy, plastic-based floppy disks.’
    • ‘Some disguise the use of straw bale completely, others positively revel in the plastic qualities offered by bendy straw bales covered with lime or earth render.’
    pliable, supple, easily bent, bendable, pliant, malleable, mouldable, stretchable, workable, limber, ductile, tensile, plastic
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