Definition of bender in US English:



  • 1usually in combination An object or person that bends something else.

    ‘a fender bender’
    • ‘We are blessed with the presence of great actors and entertainers, great writers, artists, filmmakers, panmen, wire benders and even photographers.’
    • ‘Rather than being an introduction to ghosts and spoon benders, it turned out to be a lesson for me in the value of testing ideas and critical thinking.’
    • ‘We have good wire benders and thus headpieces are always done here, but some things come from overseas.’
    • ‘The exhaust pipes are apparently a fine example of the pipe bender's art.’
    • ‘Working with English metal benders, the professor of experimental physics at Birkbeck College, University of London, has devised extensive methods of guarding against conscious or unconscious fraud.’
    • ‘Spoon bender Uri hit the headlines this weekend when it was revealed that his good friend, the pop star Michael Jackson, is to be best man at his wedding.’
    • ‘There are department-store tents of amateur watercolourists, amateur kiddie crocheters, flower dryers, mud turners, cancerous candle makers, rag-doll knotters and metal benders.’
    • ‘The university's Sunday afternoon sessions are where some of the area's most buffed and ruthless body benders tear off their moves.’
    • ‘We've got steel, the raw material, we've got the forgers, we've got the casters, the benders, the twisters and the fabricators.’
    • ‘Remember that what we are talking about here is not side-show illusionist trickery or spoon benders.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, we are perceived as focusing mostly on debunking the silly stuff like UFOs, spoon benders, and psychic spiritualists.’
    • ‘Thus, field soldiers and civilian metal and electron benders were in the driver's seat - they could literally build their own division to meet General Meyer's concept and his timelines.’
  • 2A wild drinking spree.

    • ‘However, I had been on a hard drinking bender for the whole weekend.’
    • ‘He went on long benders, landed in detox wards, returned to his studio and soon fell off the wagon again.’
    • ‘It was a great vacation, but I was thoroughly exhausted and hungover from the five-day bender that I've come to associate with people's nuptials.’
    • ‘He said he had been on a bender all day and that he should not be drinking and driving.’
    • ‘She was hardly ever photographed without a drink in her hand, and her benders were infamous.’
    • ‘That's why you went on such a bender the other night.’
    • ‘He also remembered the dark and lonely nights he and his mother spent waiting for Herb to return from one of his frequent three-day benders.’
    • ‘It's the first night of the annual Mardi Gras, a three-day bender that, according to the head of the local Oxfam team, acts ‘as a kind of therapy, a release’ for the people of one of the poorest countries in the world.’
    • ‘I guess this gives me a shoddy excuse to embark on a weeklong bender of hard drinking, dire self-examination and monstrous self-pity.’
    • ‘He was always witty when waking up from a bender.’
    • ‘This could be because of a weekend drinking bender, or it's more likely because the story is tremendously forgettable.’
    • ‘‘Ally, Rock's an alcoholic and his benders were getting way too out of hand,’ Leonard explained softly.’
    • ‘Well, how many of those children were sent down the path of a life of crime by fathers abusing them while on alcoholic benders?’
    • ‘Victory will not be followed by the drinking benders of old, though.’
    • ‘Dad had a drink problem when we were kids and would go on benders that could last a few days so we were left with no money to buy food.’
    • ‘A lost weekend is a keenly social event that largely plays out in bars, so you won't need to lay in the kind of alcohol stores you'd need for a bender.’
    • ‘At one point a couple of years ago, he says, he thought about ending it all, going out after one last amazing, self-destructive bender.’
    • ‘They'd go up to Charleston on these two- and three-day benders when they'd get paid.’
    • ‘An accomplished master of the month-long bender, his genteel appearance belies his taste for corn liquor and high proof moonshine.’
    drinking bout, debauch
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Late 15th century (denoting instruments such as pliers, for bending things): from bend + -er.