Definition of belting in US English:



  • 1Belts collectively, or material for belts.

    ‘a small piece of plastic belting’
    • ‘The rear of some scabbards was also decorated and all had loops at the back to take the leather belting which would attach the weapon to its wearer.’
    • ‘This beginning was a highly personal, yet formal ceremony in which Funakoshi is said to have handed out lengths of black belting to his pupils.’
    • ‘I'm not sure from your question if you are planning to tie the belt, or use a buckle; if the former, I recommend avoiding the belting, as this will make it very difficult to tie.’
    • ‘In mitigation the person representing the company which employs about 35 people, said about 95 per cent of the company's work now involves light, plastic belting, rather than leather.’
  • 2A beating, especially with a belt as a punishment.

    • ‘Mr Davis, an engineer from Chiswick, stated: ‘Personally, I'd give them a good belting.’’
    • ‘But most of all, we are still nothing like as preoccupied with appearance as the French, and in this country, a good father would no more criticise how his daughter looked than give her a belting.’
    • ‘The campaign is a learning process and, as any schoolboy once knew, that tends to include a couple of beltings.’
    • ‘After a public belting in the street, Effie dragged him back to the shop by his ear, forcing him to apologise to the shopkeeper and replace the lot.’
    • ‘We weren't allowed to speak our native tongue at high school; I got a belting from the principal a couple of times.’
    battering, thrashing, beating, thumping, pounding, pummelling, hammering, buffeting, drubbing
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