Definition of belter in US English:



  • A loud forceful singer or song.

    • ‘After the first creative sparks ignited five years ago, the band have stormed the world with belters such as Take Your Mama and Filthy / Gorgeous.’
    • ‘Mind you, I've never heard a Geordie, or for that matter anyone, sing that fast on the real belters such as ‘Get Your Groove’.’
    • ‘From Dusty Springfield-inspired torch songs to big swingin’ brassy belters, Clifton & Co had the crowd all jazzed up and ready for the Big Rock Finish.’
    • ‘There's a band and no costume change and no showmanship; just me singing as powerfully as I can,’ says the Basildon blues belter.’
    • ‘I went to watch a Celtic match a couple of years ago and, being a fair old belter of ballads myself, had no objection to a bit of healthy tribalism.’
    • ‘Little did we know how literally she takes the term: Liza, it seems, is not just a belter on stage.’
    • ‘There are some belters that are infused with the energy and power of New Order at their peak - that give me tingles.’
    • ‘It's a guitar thrashing, cymbal crashing, feedback climaxing belter!’
    • ‘For dancing, Logan seems to prefer the soul belters of her infancy.’
    • ‘I have done stage, musical stage, not a tenor singer, but a belter, like for musical comedy.’
    • ‘Amid a sea of melismatic showoffs and crass belters, he stood out as an old-fashioned crooner in the thrall of a faraway vision.’
    • ‘Only in Britain, where the public cannot tell the difference between a bare-chested belter and a genuine opera singer, have sales held steady.’
    • ‘Fusing hip-hop, R'n'B and dance music, Street Fusion doesn't feature cheesy ballad belters.’
    • ‘The first is the title track, a rocky soul belter which sounds very similar indeed to En Vogue's imperious ‘Free Your Mind’ and is nearly as rousing.’
    • ‘The intervening passing years haven't mellowed the magic as Page peels back time to serve up three barnstorming belters.’
    • ‘Early 20th century belter Bessie Smith was buried in a pauper's grave until '60s rock stalwart Janis Joplin bought her a marker.’
    • ‘No matter how… ahem… conclusively I depict it, the encore was a belter.’
    • ‘Not a belter in the vocal department, she manages to retain a charming fragility while knowing enough to be able to inject humour and colour where its needed.’
    • ‘Such was the case for Montreal maximum R & B belters The Datsons.’
    • ‘There's such a wide range of styles, but if you're going to be a blues belter, you have no hope of retaining your top range.’
    • ‘In spite of the dog and all the formidable opposition the Annie of this team, Rebecca, a little belter with the charm and guile of a siren, not only holds her own on the stage but owns the stage.’