Definition of belted Galloway in US English:

belted Galloway


  • An animal belonging to a variety of the Galloway breed of cattle, black with a broad white band around the middle.

    • ‘Apart from the unique attractiveness derived from the coat colours, the Belted Galloway has the valuable qualities of carcass type, hardiness and fertility for which Galloways are renowned.’
    • ‘Leeds City Council has a breeding herd of 14 black and white belted galloways which can often be seen in the ring at the major shows.’
    • ‘In fact, crossing any other breed with the Belted Galloway is a good way to make sure the offspring don't have horns.’
    • ‘Although the galloway does come in solid colours, the belted galloway is more striking with a white belt stretching right around its middle.’
    • ‘The distinctive white belt found in Belted Galloways often varies somewhat in width and regularity but usually covers most of the body from the shoulders to the hooks.’