Definition of bellman in English:



  • 1

    another term for bellhop
    • ‘The contract covers maids, bellmen, cocktail waitresses and food service workers.’
    • ‘The bellman handed me a yellow Ethernet cable when I arrived.’
    • ‘Once we had finished shopping, Diego returned us to the hotel and a bellman assisted us with our many bags.’
    • ‘At the hotel, the bellman should get $2 per bag carried and a concierge or a valet should get at least $2 per service.’
    • ‘A hotel strike would present a different kind of challenge because most residents never check into a local hotel and have none of the connection to housekeepers or bellmen at local establishments that they have with supermarket workers.’
    • ‘The staff from the desk clerk to the concierge to the bellman couldn't be more pleasant or accommodating and the hotel is just a short walk to the Skytrain, an overland train that bypasses the infamous traffic of the city.’
    • ‘Behind them in the lobby, the manger and several of the bellmen were scrambling towards the elevator.’
    • ‘Jacques motioned for the bellman, and the young boy carried the bags down the hall.’
    • ‘While I acquired help from a bellman to take our luggage to the waiting limo, Derek went to the front desk to check us out of our rooms.’
    • ‘A couple of bellmen were struggling with several huge metal cases, trying to fit them into an already full Land Rover.’
    • ‘The bellman will greet you and show you to the lobby where you will be met by marble floors, Persian rugs, a magnificent chandelier and on cold winter days, a blazing fire.’
    • ‘The poor bellman had to carry the crib up the staircase accidentally knocking off one of the wheels along the way.’
    • ‘‘Perhaps more than one glass,’ Dylan said and laughed softly as the bellman pulled the door open for them.’
    • ‘At check-in and check-out, the valet, doorman and bellman all line up for tips.’
    • ‘‘Hey Madison,’ I slid on my own turquoise rock star sunglasses and waited while a bellman opened the car door for me.’
    • ‘To finish writing his presentation, he needed his table moved to another part of his hotel room and asked the bellman to do it; to which the bellman indignantly replied that this was a job for the housekeeper.’
    • ‘He called the bellman, explained what we needed.’
    • ‘The only people who witnessed the wedding were the chapel's minister, a photographer and the bellman.’
    • ‘A bellman once came to me to ask if we could store someone's luggage until he returned to visit the hotel again.’
    • ‘When I got back, Annie was closing her suitcases and calling the bellman.’
  • 2historical A town crier.

    • ‘It was followed in the 1850s by the introduction of pillar boxes (a suggestion of Anthony Trollope), which put an end to the bellmen who had rung for final collections.’
    • ‘The Professor observes that the Romans and the Elizabethans ‘read the time by day by sundial’ and ‘heard the time by night through the watchmen's cries or tolling of the bellman on the hour’.’
    • ‘The town bellman read a celebratory poem and schoolchildren lined up to take part in the traditional dances.’
    • ‘In 1841 the Mayor of Appleby gave notice by the bellman that ALL dogs found at large would be destroyed.’
    • ‘The Parish Council had eight applicants for the vacant position of bellman, and the question was to be decided in a practical way.’