Definition of bell pepper in US English:

bell pepper


North American
  • another term for sweet pepper
    • ‘Scoville heat units can range from zero for a sweet bell pepper to over 200,000 for the fiery orange habanero.’
    • ‘Toss squash, potato, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms and minced garlic in a large bowl.’
    • ‘For the red bell pepper sauce, in a medium saucepan over medium heat, bring the oyster sauce and chicken stock to a simmer.’
    • ‘Don't let the innocent name of this sweet bell pepper fool you.’
    • ‘Place half of the bell pepper strips atop egg salad.’
    • ‘Toss the bell pepper into the frying pan and cook until tender and just starting to brown.’
    • ‘Combine all ingredients except the red bell pepper.’
    • ‘Groundnut stew may be served with rice, and the many possible accompaniments include hard-boiled eggs, sliced fruit, cucumber, onions, chutney, roast nuts, bell pepper, and raw onions.’
    • ‘Then I came home and ate a huge spinach salad with smoked salmon, fennel, hearts of palm, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, yellow bell pepper, and balsamic vinaigrette.’
    • ‘Make a vegetarian pizza with lots of tomato, zucchini, bell pepper, onion, mushroom, carrots, broccoli and spinach.’
    • ‘Include bell pepper slices or baby carrots with ranch dressing or spaghetti sauce for dunking.’
    • ‘The cubes of meat were topped with a variety of vegetables - zucchini, bell pepper and asparagus, among others - with their skins deliciously grilled.’
    • ‘As I clean my refrigerator out every Saturday morning, I toss all the leftover veggies in a pot - you know, the two carrots, that stalk of celery, half an onion, a bell pepper, a couple of potatoes.’
    • ‘Although any bell pepper can be roasted, red bell peppers are most commonly used; in addition, yellow and orange peppers are a great option.’
    • ‘Bake uncovered at 350F for thirty-five minutes and serve with rice or rice noodles, ladling on any extra sauce, or eat it atop a spinach salad with red bell pepper and green onion.’
    • ‘Add the red bell pepper and scallions to the drained potatoes and toss with the dressing.’
    • ‘Add the parsley, sunflower sprouts, bell pepper, and romaine lettuce; toss to coat, season, and set aside.’
    • ‘In a large bowl, combine the remaining mango with the rice, kidney beans, bell pepper, scallions and peas.’
    • ‘Thread skewers with halibut, zucchini, onion and bell pepper.’
    • ‘Quarter the bell pepper lengthwise, remove the stem, white membranes and seeds.’


bell pepper

/bɛl ˈpɛpər//bel ˈpepər/