Definition of bell-like in US English:



  • 1Having or producing a clear musical sound like that of a bell.

    ‘her clear bell-like voice’
    • ‘Each bird's voice is but four limpid notes, delivered in slow, syncopated cadence, rising to a bell-like question mark.’
    • ‘Listening to Moravec's readings, I was struck by how often Debussy turned to bell-like sonorities in his piano music.’
    • ‘O'Connor's voice is a superb mixture of power and frailty, ragged howl and bell-like clarity.’
    • ‘The Brabant Ensemble generally does it full justice, with its clear, steady tone: the bell-like soprano sound is particularly attractive.’
    • ‘His instrument was also impeccably tuned, notes attaining bell-like clarity.’
    • ‘The crystals hit the glass with a distinctive, bell-like chiming, each one on a slightly different note.’
    • ‘The bell-like tones of her early records are long gone, replaced by a smoky, resonant voice that has become an interpretive tool.’
    • ‘Pictures are vibrant, stable and detailed, while soundtracks boast bell-like clarity.’
    • ‘Talking to a fellow guitarist the other evening, he mentioned the bell-like chimes of the Fender Stratocaster which he highly covets.’
    • ‘They utter a variety of sounds, including raucous territorial and predator alerts, rattling noises, clicks, and bell-like tones.’
  • 2Shaped like a bell.

    ‘bell-like flowers’
    • ‘For example, we usually think of cycles as having a regular, bell-like shape.’
    • ‘Its bell-like flowers in early summer are followed by sausage-like dark blue pods packed with seeds and jelly.’
    • ‘In the alpine house at the National Botanic Gardens at Glasnevin there are a number of much-loved bulbs - crocus pickwick, muscari armeniacum and narcissus bulbocodium, with its bell-like yellow blooms.’
    • ‘Soft blue bell-like flowers are formed loosely in a spike that emerge from the center above the leaves.’
    • ‘Charlotte feared that she looked like a big meringue in her dress, which wasn't very frilly but still had a bell-like shirt that made her feel like Scarlett O'Hara as she walked down the aisle.’
    • ‘The white, bell-like flowers that grow up the stem are above these green, elongated leaves.’
    • ‘In the bottom register a goldsmith is putting finishing touches to a column headed by horses' heads and a bell-like top with a winged genie.’
    • ‘The dress had a cream-colored top and large, bell-like sleeves.’
    • ‘Bell pits were shallow, unsupported shafts dug on vein outcrops that widened into bell-like shapes as they were sunk.’
    • ‘A blind on the door has been pulled up and a small bell-like cord end is tapping on the glass.’