Definition of believe it or not in US English:

believe it or not


  • Used to concede that a proposition or statement is surprising.

    ‘believe it or not, the speaker was none other than Horace’
    • ‘But, believe it or not, I was actually in Italy to soak up the art and the history.’
    • ‘They took it four times a day, and they actually applied it to their nose, believe it or not.’
    • ‘This animal is still used, believe it or not, for a source of meat for people that live in that part of the world.’
    • ‘I decided to get an early night, so I actually started reading a book, believe it or not.’
    • ‘The chef looks after us so a bit of junk food one day of the year we're actually looking forward to believe it or not.’
    • ‘And believe it or not, these traditions were carried on in Australia by the early settlers.’
    • ‘It sounds glamorous - and it is - but, believe it or not, it's also hard work.’
    • ‘This, believe it or not, is the award winning height of pub fashion in ‘cool’ Manchester today.’
    • ‘There was even dispute whether or not they were even illegal, believe it or not.’
    • ‘Despite the dry title, this was, believe it or not, another impulse buy at the bookstore.’