Definition of belch in US English:



  • 1no object Emit gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth.

    • ‘The man beside him belched noisily and turned to the traveler.’
    • ‘Asked to comment on her change of address, Marianne looked at the Times reporter, belched and rolled over.’
    • ‘He wasn't above belching and farting during family feasts.’
    • ‘In the darkened theatre, I asked myself what became of her, but I found her in the seat behind me, gin-soaked and belching while she dozed.’
    • ‘Of course, we already know the broad basics: Don't belch during business meetings, and close our mouths to chew.’
    • ‘She is shown guzzling down a bottle of the soft drink in front of a dinner packed with men before accidentally belching.’
    • ‘He eats everything I cook, belches, and says, ‘my compliments to the chef!’’
    • ‘When I was done he looked at me, paused a beat, and belched.’
    • ‘Finally, Sean Devine said to Petey, ‘You shouldn't belch before the priest.’’
    • ‘The sheer amount of different noises this man made is beyond my description, he belched between breaths and managed to eat a bowl of soup without once closing his mouth.’
    • ‘She closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and belched loudly and contentedly.’
    • ‘He belched and scratched his stomach that showed from beneath his soiled and dirty overstretched shirt.’
    • ‘At this point we belched and realised we had been suffering from indigestion and gas.’
    • ‘He's a good vocalist, in that he hits the right notes, doesn't belch while he's singing and never breaks off in the middle of a line to scream bitter obscenities.’
    • ‘‘Well, I did get her attention when I threw six strikes in a row and then belched,’ Miki chuckled.’
    • ‘He just belches, and without even saying ‘Pardon me’, if you please.’
    • ‘Because it's a real person, isn't it, one who belches in your face?’
    • ‘Like this: until you've taught your child to say ‘excuse me’ after they belch or pass wind, you have no idea how many times the latter occurs on any given day.’
    • ‘Boys belched; girls shrilled and readjusted scraps of clothing.’
    bring up wind
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  • 2often belch fromwith object (especially of a chimney) send (smoke or flames) out or up.

    ‘a factory chimney belches out smoke’
    • ‘The radiator clanked and coughed, belching out a haze of smoke and heat.’
    • ‘Whichever route you take, you can enjoy the uniquely green landscape at the foot of Mt. Merapi, an active volcano still belching out lava and becoming increasingly more exotic.’
    • ‘Fires continue to belch smoke over the city and sporadic gunfire echoes through the flooded streets.’
    • ‘The truck is dirty, belching terrible smoke and fumes.’
    • ‘Yes, we have seen the wrecked cars and the factories belching smoke and the blur of speedy automobiles crowding highways.’
    • ‘It would have belched black smoke for probably 2 or 3 hundred years.’
    • ‘The exciting days of magnificent steam locomotives belching black smoke may be gone, but today's train lovers can still feel the thrill by visiting the country's restored stations and depots.’
    • ‘We huffed up it for a little while before coming to a small house made of stone and clay, with dome-shaped windows and a mighty chimney topping it that never ceased to belch smoke.’
    • ‘Heavy industrial plants belched clouds of smoke from a forest of chimneys.’
    • ‘Today, London belches light out into the night sky.’
    • ‘There was a great fireball and filthy black smoke that belched into the sky.’
    • ‘All three are efficient, economic and most importantly belch no smoke and make little noise.’
    • ‘He added: ‘Nowadays you do not see lorries belching out smoke.’’
    • ‘It is ludicrous to have practically empty vehicles belching out fumes and congesting our streets all day, all year.’
    • ‘The huge speakers belched out what must've been 500 decibels of music, with breaks in which the hosts would speak.’
    • ‘Back in 2002, people ignored the warnings and kept up their fuel-thirsty lifestyles, belching out more and more planet-warming carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘Most people link air pollution with industrial smokestacks or trucks belching clouds of diesel exhaust.’
    • ‘But for now he is enjoying his life in Sicily - including the view from his balcony of Mount Etna belching volcanic smoke…’
    • ‘I went into nursing at Merseyside where smoke was belched out to camouflage the area.’
    • ‘After nearly half an hour, the lorry rolls out of hiding, belching charcoal-black smoke.’
    emit, issue, vent, gush, discharge, eject, expel, empty, evacuate, give off, give out, pour out, disgorge, spew out, spit out, vomit, cough up, throw up
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    1. 2.1often belch fromno object (of smoke or flames) pour out from (a chimney or other opening)
      ‘flames belch from the wreckage’
      • ‘Kwenn clung on even tighter, but could barely see through the thick smoke belching from the ship.’
      • ‘All those hops and yeast and good times belching from the chimney stacks would definitely account for that heady aroma.’
      • ‘It significantly reduces the sulfur, carbon monoxide and other pollutants that belch from car tailpipes.’
      • ‘There is no cloud there, no smog belching from industrial chimneys, just a great barren expanse of sand and jewelled sky.’
      • ‘It was already starting to yaw uncontrollably, spinning in an unstoppable circle, ugly black smoke belching from the worthless engines, now just burning hunks of metal.’
      • ‘Black smoke belches from her single tall stack.’
      • ‘Skeletal dead trees ring the edge of Manaro's crater, while trees in dense jungle nearby were covered in ash which has been belching from the volcano.’
      • ‘One witness described how smoke belched from the building as firefighters surrounded the scene.’
      • ‘It is caused by diesel fumes belching from the packed vehicles and halfway-wrecked lorries that clog the roads.’
      • ‘There they visited a volcano, ‘it was unbelievable’ Pat said to see smoke belching from a mountain.’
      • ‘Places where poisonous fumes belch from endless streams of cars.’
      • ‘Not long afterwards and the last German fighter was heading for the ocean, fire and black smoke belching from the engine.’
      • ‘The famous fog of London was an entirely chemical outpouring created by treacherous fumes and gases belching from countless chimneys.’
      • ‘Situated on the edge of the Black Country and only five miles from Birmingham, smoke still belched from its factory chimneys.’
      • ‘Smoke belches from a ferry after two buses aboard the vessel were blown up’
      • ‘The engine roared to life as smoke belched from the exhaust nozzles.’
      • ‘At its height, flames and a huge pall of smoke belched from the burning building, and showers of embers were scattered into the night sky.’


  • An act of belching.

    ‘he gave a loud belch’
    • ‘These flavoured products brought out by local manufacturers become the automatic choice for those who dread the belch associated with the aerated drinks.’
    • ‘I got used to the sound of her chair scraping across the kitchen floor, of the creaks in the wood as she went down the hallway into bed each evening, even the incredibly loud belches after she finished dinner.’
    • ‘As Adam opened his mouth to place a piece of meat in it, a long, loud belch escaped, seeming to reverberate indefinitely in the open dining room.’
    • ‘Soda is refreshing and tasty, but no matter what kind I drink, it tends to give me a bad case of the belches.’
    • ‘The man let out a sour belch and continued to snore.’
    • ‘Once she was done she took a deep breath and let out a huge belch.’
    • ‘Brett let out a loud belch without a word of apology.’
    • ‘Fred the frog let out a satisfying belch and settled back on his lilypad.’
    • ‘Even your belches will taste great, which brings up an important final point.’
    • ‘Danielle let out a small belch, surprising Billie.’
    • ‘The words she spoke were in a jumble and in between small belches.’
    • ‘A deep belch from Robert sent her into a fit of laughter.’
    • ‘Of all the things dogs do, their belches and sighs are the most human.’
    • ‘I finished my third sandwich with a little belch.’
    • ‘We drank wine from the bottle and slobbered our spittle into simplistic belches of conversations that were actually ideological rhetoric and nonsense we could both agree with.’
    • ‘And then, not long after, this other girl, whom I suspect is in my French class, gives a loud belch.’
    • ‘I guess she likes her male to loaf around the yard in boxers and no shirt, guzzle a beer and let off a hearty belch.’
    • ‘Bo let out a loud belch and waved his hand as an excuse.’
    • ‘Someone let out a loud belch and the guys erupted into laughter, congratulating whoever it was.’
    • ‘It can be summed up as ‘eat first, pay the bill, go home and sleep; maybe a belch in between.’’
    burp, gurk
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Old English belcettan, probably imitative.