Definition of bejesus in US English:


(also bejeezus)


  • An exclamation traditionally attributed to the Irish, used to express surprise or for emphasis.

    ‘they were forty minutes late, cocky as bejesus’
    • ‘I dunno why, but they totally freak the bejesus outta me.’
    • ‘He's off to the top of Cologne Cathedral, where the bejesus - and, hopefully, the fear - will be scared out of him.’
    • ‘I'll miss your uncanny ability to find a new way to annoy the living bejeezus out of me every week.’
    • ‘Scared the bejesus out of the poor kitten - the cat stayed behind the dishwasher for almost 45 minutes.’
    • ‘And what the sweet bejesus do you want people to do in a waiting room surrounded by decay and misery instead of read books?’
    • ‘Dinners and dancing are all very well, but you know you're in a real relationship when you find yourself bugging the bejesus out of each other, and liking it.’
    • ‘I hope they promote the bejeezus out of it come nomination time.’
    • ‘It frightens the bejesus out of the very people it's supposed to protect and does nothing, evidenced by the continued attacks around the world.’
    • ‘It must have been 1967 when I first had the bejesus scared out of me by this tale - and then learned the strange attraction of re-exposing oneself to this waking nightmare.’
    • ‘Which will require taxing the bejesus out of them.’
    • ‘Though, if he was so regretful he'd tell me what in good bejesus was going on!’
    • ‘This just in: you can now buy a ball that can observe, attack, and generally scare the living bejeezus out of people.’
    • ‘Like father, like son, they'll say, and bejesus, McCourt senior could put them away.’
    • ‘Like small children playing a game of ghost, they've succeeded only in frightening the bejesus out of each other.’
    • ‘And after mopping uselessly at the scalding coffee that I'd inadvertently spat on my arm I sat back down to figure out how the bejesus I'd picked up the extra million or so visitors.’
    • ‘What scared/impressed or shocked the bejeezus out of you?’
    • ‘It frightened the bejesus out of me, I'll tell you.’
    • ‘There was one scene however which scared the bejesus outta everyone.’
    • ‘They then proceed to blow the living bejesus out of themselves by returning to the blue paper of unexploded fireworks when they should still be retiring.’
    • ‘I was vaguely aware of a crowd of people all around me who had been ejected less dramatically, but I put my full attention to leaping up and kicking the bejeezus over and over out of that door.’


  • beat the bejesus out of someone

    • informal Hit someone very hard or for a long time.

      • ‘‘Whenever people see a mascot, they can't help beating the bejesus out of it,’ Rolling Stone relates.’
      • ‘The Dentons weren't happy to just beat the bejesus out of us, they went to the city council to complain.’
      • ‘We just wanted to see what she was going to do next, as if there really was the chance that she and Nancy would beat the bejesus out of each other in the middle of the ice.’
      • ‘If you don't enjoy watching grown men beating the bejesus out of each other, forget it.’
      • ‘Sadly, while you'll succeed in beating the bejeezus out of Ash repeatedly, he will ultimately wipe you from existence.’
  • scare the bejesus out of someone

    • informal Frighten someone very much.

      • ‘I slept in a dark alley once… it scared the bejesus out of me.’
      • ‘And then the car came out of nowhere and scared the bejesus out of me and I fell.’
      • ‘You play it at home with the lights off, and it scares the bejesus out of you.’
      • ‘One incident scared the living bejesus out of us when one engine began to quit.’
      • ‘I think Aunt Millie scared the bejesus out of them too.’
      • ‘All those insects crawling all over me would scare the bejesus out of me.’
      • ‘Suddenly, the bell rang, scaring the bejesus out of me.’
      • ‘‘This whole thing scared the bejesus out of them,’ Sutfin said.’
      • ‘We will stop scaring the bejeezus out of everyone.’
      • ‘Probably would have scared the bejeezus out of me, too, if I didn't know it was coming.’
      scare, startle, alarm, terrify, petrify, shock, chill, appal, agitate, panic, throw into panic, fluster, ruffle, shake, disturb, disconcert, unnerve, unman, intimidate, terrorize, cow, daunt, dismay
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