Definition of beignet in English:



North American
  • 1A fritter.

    ‘a cheese beignet’
    • ‘There are a variety of sorbets in flavours like litchi, mango, coconut and lemon, as well as an lineup of deep-fried pineapple, apple or banana beignets.’
    • ‘As I read it, I can almost smell the beignets frying and feel the sun on my skin.’
    • ‘To start, I had cured Glenarm salmon with Avruga caviar, served with dill and chive cream and an oyster beignet.’
    • ‘For the ricotta beignets: Preheat the fryer to 375 degrees.’
    • ‘As with the terrine, there was certainly a good-sized portion, but the beignets were a little short on garlic and a touch too dry for my taste.’
    • ‘Melissa, my dedicated Survivor contestant, made two separate batches: due to a successful whining campaign by yours truly, in addition to caramelized-apple beignets, she whipped up a batch of chocolate-filled beignets just for me!’
    • ‘A roasted pear stuffed with blue cheese and splashed with a port-wine-laced vinaigrette produces an enticingly light beignet.’
    • ‘And you can't fool me: Apple beignets are great doughnuts without the hole.’
    • ‘There are crème brûlées and little apple beignets for dessert, but the most emblematic dish of all is the rice pudding.’
    • ‘It's worth a trip to Hollywood just to eat it; or to sample the molten, skillfully fried finger-banana dessert fritters billed on the menu as ‘banana beignets.’’
    • ‘During our two night stay we savoured such delights as a salad of roast duck foie gras, steamed native sea bass with crushed Jersey Royals, and roast cannon of Galloway lamb with tomato couscous and haggis beignet.’
    • ‘Cut beignet into quarters and arrange on plates.’
    • ‘All our dishes were served with a side of white rice and a very tasty deep-fried cauliflower beignet.’
    • ‘It was getting on toward noon and the place was packed so I leaned against the wall near where the beignets are made watching the cook.’
    • ‘But where does this leave Louisiana's favorite French-fried fritter, the beignet?’
    • ‘Of late, chef Jorgensen has been pairing ice-cold vodka Martinis with caviar, pickled quail eggs, goat cheese pizza, Gorgonzola cheese beignets and tartars.’
    • ‘Walked off the crawfish beignets and bread pudding while admiring the Greek Revival and Italian architecture on the Garden District Walking Tour.’
    • ‘Next to the mango skewers, arrange two beignets, cutting one in half.’
    • ‘Banana beignets are a neat surprise. The hot apple crisp and the cookies are satisfying.’
  • 2A square of fried dough eaten hot sprinkled with confectioners' sugar.

    • ‘I ended up with about a dozen and a half beignets, which I sprinkled with powdered sugar using my grandmother's spring-loaded flour sifter while singing Jingle Bells, and then fed them to my neighbors.’
    • ‘Before we get going the next morning, we stop for a breakfast of beignets and café au lait at a joint called Coffee Call, which seems to be popular with senior citizens in tour buses.’
    • ‘For dessert (and dessert's my favorite part of any meal) I had beignets with maple ice cream, caramel and citrus mango marmalade.’
    • ‘Heat the oil to 360 degrees Fahrenheit, and fry the beignets 3 at a time until they are puffed and golden on both sides, about 2-3 minutes per batch.’
    • ‘The café is considered to be the home of beignet and chicory coffee.’
    • ‘I was only having split pea soup, thanks to complaints from my dance partner - too many beignets I guess.’
    • ‘A few people were still hanging out at Cafe du Monde, a favorite spot for French roast coffee and beignets, and a man playing a trombone outside had a box full of tips.’
    • ‘‘It was down to the fuel, especially the beignets,’ he tells me when we meet near his temporary workshop in Santa Cruz, California.’
    • ‘In New Orleans, beignets are the breakfast of champions.’
    • ‘Mix sugar and cinnamon together; gently roll beignets in mixture.’
    • ‘Fry the beignets gently until brown and crispy on one side, turn, and cook the other side.’
    • ‘Grabbing a couple of beignets and a cup of coffee, he gestured towards the kitchen.’
    • ‘The cafe serves chicory-laced coffee and square beignets dusted with powdered sugar, all day.’
    • ‘When I saw the beignet chef toss that dough and make clouds of flour for that laughing little girl it surprised me how much it made me miss Ben.’


French, from archaic buyne ‘hump, bump’.