Definition of behind bars in US English:

behind bars


  • In prison.

    • ‘A rapist who went missing after he was released from prison on licence was back behind bars last night.’
    • ‘Seventy per cent of prisoners are back behind bars within two years of release.’
    • ‘He is notorious not for his crimes outside prison, but because of his outrageous behaviour behind bars.’
    • ‘It should not be the rule of the thumb that any offender has to end up behind bars, whether in a police cell or prison.’
    • ‘Several former inmates also returned to discuss their experience behind bars.’
    • ‘The judge decided not to send him to jail after hearing he had already served two months behind bars.’
    • ‘He was sentenced to life behind bars for her murder in June this year.’
    • ‘He speaks about his life of crime, his wasted years behind bars and his hopes for the future.’
    • ‘A man was back behind bars only four days after he was released from prison.’
    • ‘If you speak out, you can provide the evidence that the police need to put criminals behind bars.’