Definition of behavior modification in US English:

behavior modification


  • 1The alteration of behavioral patterns through the use of such learning techniques as biofeedback and positive or negative reinforcement.

    • ‘While obesity can be treated with diet, exercise and behavior modification, a lack of confidence undermines the efforts of most of the obese population.’
    • ‘Prevention of wound recurrence through patient education of risk factors and behavior modification is critical to protect the newly closed wound.’
    • ‘In all three cases the institutional agents were not trained in behavior modification, but the programs were approved as such by the institution.’
    • ‘Both individual counseling and support group meetings are available, with emphasis on behavior modification and nicotine replacement in selected individuals.’
    • ‘Even if you aren't quite sure what causes your insomnia, experts agree that the simplest and least-expensive route to better sleep is behavior modification.’
    • ‘Cults often use behavior modification on followers, such as thought - stopping techniques and instilling an ‘us-versus-them’ mindset, Hassan said.’
    • ‘Edinger divided the subjects into three groups, one group used behavior modification, one used relaxation techniques, and the last one was given a placebo.’
    • ‘But behavior modification works only in the most limited term and best when the subject is caged.’
    • ‘A school or private counselor can explain behavior modification and help parents and teachers set up appropriate rewards for the child.’
    • ‘Depending on the needs of your child, your doctor may recommend making changes in the classroom, and starting a program of behavior modification or psychological counseling.’
    • ‘Physicians really should try parent training, evaluation of the education structure and behavior modification before resorting to medications.’
    • ‘Positive behavioral supports are an alternative to punishment and other traditional methods of behavior modification, which do not necessarily teach positive behaviors or create a climate of civility.’
    • ‘As the student returns to participate in the class they receive information on nutrition education and behavior modification.’
    • ‘Clearly, further study on behavior modification to prevent further smoking is needed, and a stronger emphasis must be placed on smoking cessation before patients are discharged from the hospital.’
    • ‘Perhaps more important, understanding the biological roots of violence may enable doctors to intervene with drugs, behavior modification or other techniques to try to offset a person's violent tendencies.’
    • ‘I mean, it's a very involved, serious procedure that requires a great deal of recuperation and a lot of behavior modification after the surgery.’
    • ‘Behavioral contracting is a proclaimed feature of many programs in behavior modification.’
    • ‘Because hypertension has been linked to obesity, the first line of treatment should be family-based diet and behavior modification.’
    • ‘Most kids don't want to be ‘restricted’, so I find this works wonders as a temporary behavior modification.’
    • ‘She also works in behavior modification, helping children with delinquency and truancy problems.’
  • 2

    another term for behavior therapy