Definition of begonia in English:



  • A herbaceous plant of warm climates, the bright flowers of which have brightly colored sepals but no petals. Numerous cultivated varieties of begonia are grown for their flowers or for their striking foliage.

    • ‘Large flowered begonias look best with fewer, larger flowers.’
    • ‘Now they are relying on visitors to generously donate money while admiring the beautiful petunias, begonias and busy lizzy flowers.’
    • ‘Together with gladioli, lilies and begonias, the dahlias are one of the most important and popular summer-flowering bulbs.’
    • ‘In summer months, bright annuals such as impatiens, begonia, and coleus make attractive companion plants.’
    • ‘My yard always looked so nice and clean with its daylilies and begonias around each planted pine tree in the front yard.’
    • ‘A diverse group of plants characterised by bright, multi-coloured flowers and leaves, begonias are plants which are found mainly in India's North-Eastern region.’
    • ‘Summer-flowering bulbs such as dahlias, begonias and anemones bring variety, texture, unique color and long flowering times to summer gardens.’
    • ‘The Display House has fine begonias in summer and orchids and cyclamens during autumn and winter.’
    • ‘Part of my garden consists of a patio on which I have many pots housing a selection of Japanese acers, begonias, marigolds and nasturtiums.’
    • ‘The plants I am going to use include begonias, impatiens and verbenas, which should produce solid mounds and balls of colour.’
    • ‘Rotate showy plants, such as orchids, begonias, and bromeliads, into your garden for color all year.’
    • ‘Summer annuals such as petunias, impatiens and begonias need warmer temperatures to thrive.’
    • ‘Other plants that can be easily brought inside to over winter include coleus, geraniums, basil and begonias.’
    • ‘Brightly coloured violas and begonias peek from every possible spot of dirt.’
    • ‘You can grow thousands of begonias from one small packet of seed.’
    • ‘I feel very mature and responsible for not actually spending all that money and staying at home and planting begonias and drinking lemonade on the lawn instead.’
    • ‘Many people choose to plant begonias indoors in pots six weeks prior to their outside planting date to get blooms that much earlier in the summer.’
    • ‘Are you supposed to pull up begonias in the winter?’
    • ‘Likewise, flower boxes can hang on the deck's railings with azaleas and begonias brightening up that stark wood deck.’
    • ‘To get earlier blooms, start begonias growing indoors about six weeks before your planting-out date, the date in your area when the threat of night frosts is past.’


Modern Latin, named after Michel Bégon (1638–1710), the French amateur botanist who discovered the plant on the island of Santo Domingo and introduced it to Europe.