Definition of beer goggles in US English:

beer goggles

plural noun

  • Used to refer to the supposed influence of alcohol on one's visual perception, whereby one is sexually attracted to people who would not otherwise be appealing.

    • ‘This was the case at the Freemason's Hotel on Wednesday night when beer goggles were replaced with safety goggles as part of science week activities.’
    • ‘It is rare that plans made when all parties are wearing their beer goggles ever come to anything.’
    • ‘And I'm not even talking about the beer goggles or the lager lenses.’
    • ‘Wouldn't have touched him with a bargepole even if I was wearing beer goggles in a meat market.’
    • ‘Every time we see them, we've got on big, fat, shiny beer goggles.’
    • ‘You may find yourself doing things you never thought you would (beer goggles are amazing things!).’
    • ‘I like being chatted up by people with beer goggles, and knowing that I'll turn them down and they'll feel sad for about 6 minutes.’
    • ‘Avoid looking at potential sex partners through beer goggles.’
    • ‘By the time you find someone promising, those beer goggles are strapped on nice and tight.’
    • ‘Ever hear of beer goggles?’
    • ‘You put on the ole beer goggles, eh?’
    • ‘I'm putting on the beer goggles and going in.’
    • ‘Affix beer goggles before entering.’
    • ‘In isolation from the favourable mist of city centre musical beer goggles and the ripped jean, mullet chasing, suit jacketed hordes, there's something pure about all of this.’
    • ‘With the beer goggles and wobbly sandles on, you'd crawl over hot coals.’