Definition of beer-bellied in US English:


(also beer-gutted)


  • See beer belly

    • ‘Three young ladies who looked less than pleased to be talking to two middle-aged, beer-bellied sailors, but their good manners keeping them where they stood.’
    • ‘There across the room, just past the beer-bellied former jocks and the rich former nerds, I spied a poised, graceful woman with flowing red hair and laughing green eyes.’
    • ‘Hillary, what is it with these beer-bellied old geezers?’
    • ‘If you're missing one of two beer-bellied drunkards that had a big night at Banbury Cross in Northriding last night, worry no more.’
    • ‘The sheriff was a big beer-bellied type displaced Texan, and was all haughty for having brought us in.’