Definition of beer in US English:



  • An alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops.

    ‘a pint of beer’
    ‘I'm dying for a beer’
    • ‘They decide to spend a long weekend, catching up and drinking beers, as snow falls.’
    • ‘All I really want when I venture out at weekends is a few quiet beers, a bit of mickey taking and a few laughs.’
    • ‘Woke up slowly and ambled down in the pouring rain to the pub for lunch and beers with various people.’
    • ‘So what I'll be doing for the rest of the evening is lying back on my couch with a couple of beers listening to music.’
    • ‘He walked back to the bar and asked for two plates of fish and chips, and two beers.’
    • ‘One of them asked me if I wanted one of his beers when I was enjoying a burger outside a fast food restaurant.’
    • ‘The girls sat down next to us, we ordered a couple of beers and were given a book each with a list of songs.’
    • ‘Too many beers later and God knows how many shots of whisky, the club was beginning to empty.’
    • ‘But rather than party into the night, he says he had one or two beers and went home.’
    • ‘Mark and John had just sat down with the beers when Chick and Brian caught up.’
    • ‘Brewers use several methods to produce beers and lagers with low alcohol content.’
    • ‘We all had a few beers at Peters, and Simon invited us all be his guest at his club that night.’
    • ‘We drank a few beers and Bill loved it: Ada was exactly as he thought my friends would be.’
    • ‘All my friends stumbled into the lounge whilst Daisy and me went to the kitchen to get the beers and wine.’
    • ‘Coolers were laid near the sink, where kegs and bottles of beers were thrown in melted ice.’
    • ‘As the other guys sat back with their beers whilst I had that traditional English drink.’
    • ‘Kip got some beers out of the fridge, but only dad, uncle, granddad and himself drunk them.’
    • ‘We both are quite fond of football and enjoy the lime and a couple of beers as well when we go there to watch.’
    • ‘We are now in Melbourne getting ready to go meet Andy and Tim for more beers.’
    • ‘We walked and chatted all the way to the pub and went in, ordered some beers and found a table.’
    ale, beverage, brew
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  • beer and skittles

    • often with negativeAmusement or enjoyment.

      ‘life isn't all beer and skittles’
      • ‘Long term intense relationships have parts where you have to work at it - it ain't all beer and skittles.’
      • ‘For the elderly, the late life period is not one of beer and skittles, but rather one of transition and adjustment to loss.’
      • ‘And as he said, working in China isn't all beer and skittles.’
      • ‘So there you go, it's not all beer and skittles being top dog.’
      • ‘As we well know, the writer's life is all beer and skittles, answerable to no-one, making vast fortunes from every stroke of the pen… and those fabulous public engagements, reading to masses of adoring fans.’
      pleasure, entertainment, enjoyment, amusement, excitement, gratification
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Old English bēor, of West Germanic origin, based on monastic Latin biber ‘a drink’, from Latin bibere ‘to drink’; related to Dutch bier and German Bier.