Definition of Beemer in US English:


(also Beamer)


  • A car or motorcycle manufactured by the company BMW.

    • ‘Electrically adjustable like almost every car these days, but with the Beemer when you select reverse gear the passenger mirror dips down so that you can see where your wheels are, relative to the kerb.’
    • ‘He probably didn't even need the extra cash - everyone knew his family could not be that bad off if he drove a Beemer to school.’
    • ‘As I sink down into in the back seat of the Beemer, I contemplate Alex Fedorov, here in his native surroundings, one last time.’
    • ‘Sked ran inside to find the final intruder firing at a silver Beemer, causing its windshield to shatter and its alarm to sound.’
    • ‘But then, walking past an office block with row upon row of sparkly new Beamers parked outside makes me feel the same.’
    • ‘I open them, the 4WD Beemer is centimetres from my front bumper and revving very loudly.’
    • ‘My Beemer has an almost ridiculous amount of power, yet equally powerful brakes and such precise steering I feel safer driving it than our minivan.’
    • ‘I'm sure a number of you would be interested in the new Beemer 3 series.’
    • ‘In the Beemer you have a thick steering wheel, a short-throw gearchange, and an antilock braking system that cuts in when you're in real trouble and not because it can't be bothered to work out when that moment might be.’
    • ‘The trouble is that it's not as good as the Beemer.’
    • ‘‘You don't want them to see you driving around in a Beemer but the showers aren't working at the club,’ Wagner says.’
    • ‘When asked what kind of car he wants when he gets his license he quickly responded, ‘For learning, I will get a Beemer.’’
    • ‘Four full seats and enough luggage space to carry the biggest golf-bag in the pro-shop with ease - the Beemer is plenty practical for a coupe.’
    • ‘A normal looking black car was parked by mine, looking out of place in the sea of Beemers.’
    • ‘This scene features a lovely young woman cruising along in her white Beemer on a mountain road.’
    • ‘The quickest is the Beemer at 134 mph with the other three only about 15 km slower.’
    • ‘When he asks why, his colleague explains that he got sick of the police stopping him in his Beemer.’
    • ‘Then, he turned his Beemer to the left, squeezing it between other cars that were stuck in the accident as well.’
    • ‘I have always been impressed with the new Beemers, and after a week it was very difficult to give it back.’
    • ‘Just then he pulled over, killing the engine of his Beemer.’


1970s (originally US): representing a pronunciation of the first two letters of BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) + -er.