Definition of beehive in English:



  • 1A structure in which bees are kept, typically in the form of a dome or box.

    • ‘The highlight of the garden party was that an angry swarm of bees, whose beehive had been disturbed by accident, swooped down on the assembled guests.’
    • ‘However, the ideal places for establishing bee colonies were locations where the farm pesticide use was low, and where there were several beehives in the wild.’
    • ‘Mr Britton kept beehives in his garden and sold honey from the gate.’
    • ‘When it is in bloom, the honey gathered from the beehives in the vicinity was valued highly.’
    • ‘When Geoff Manning was given three beehives to care for as a young man he never imagined it would become a life-long passion.’
    • ‘However, the honey must come from local beehives.’
    • ‘In yet another, carpenters using modern hand tools are making beehives.’
    • ‘Think about the concentric pattern of honey, pollen, and brood that arises on the honey combs of a beehive.’
    • ‘When he came in here, he knocked down a beehive and sent the bees flying all over.’
    • ‘Wrapped in this parcel of frivolity is the arrival of the Kaani tribes from Papanasam who amused them by demonstrating the extraction of honey from the beehive and talking plain about their lifestyle.’
    • ‘At their detached home on the edge of the village, Mrs Britton enjoyed tending the garden, where Mr Britton kept beehives.’
    • ‘I have very clear memories of the family, their beehives and garden.’
    • ‘A few years ago the Honey Lady had tens of active beehives.’
    • ‘The first sweet treat that humans indulged in was most likely honey from beehives.’
    • ‘The farm consists of an area of fruit trees interplanted with annual vegetables, a mixed orchard of fruit trees with rows of beehives between the trees, 5 hectares of pasture, three hectares of wheat and a plantation of native pines.’
    • ‘The good boy's father was a beekeeper, so one evening our bold hero went down to his father's beehives with a large jam jar and collected a jar full of Drone bees.’
    • ‘Similarly, honey is extracted from beehives maintained by the members.’
    • ‘Other plans include flower beds, organic vegetable plots, beehives and a seating area.’
    • ‘Closer by, the route passes some super old farmyards and barns, one has recesses for beehives.’
    • ‘Her grandfather was a successful farmer who owned potato fields, beehives, and a few head of cattle.’
    1. 1.1usually as modifier Something having the domed shape of a traditional wicker beehive.
      ‘beehive huts’
      ‘beehive ovens’
      • ‘Through the windows wafts the smell of tortillas being baked in the terracotta beehive ovens as she serves me coffee grown from her own beans and talks about her never-ending wonder and curiosity for Mexico.’
      • ‘The fifth hole has so many beehive bunkers on it, it looks as if it was built through a geyser field in Yellowstone National Park.’
      • ‘They nevertheless abandoned them about 20-25 years ago for rectangular mud-brick, thatch-roofed cottages, relegating the beehive houses to storage purposes.’
      • ‘It was now early afternoon, we had reached the beehive huts and the Blaskets were coming into view.’
      • ‘If we want something slightly more permanent then we could make a beehive composter out of wooden layers that fit together and can be added and subtracted at will.’
      • ‘It is understood that the underground passages and beehive shaped chamber were constructed as hiding places or as places of storage or were used for both purposes.’
      • ‘Sheltered in their beehive huts, ringed around a tiny church and graveyard, they survived for centuries in one of the most inhospitable environments imaginable.’
      • ‘Bells were made either from folding a sheet of iron or bronze into a square or round beehive shape and fixing it with rivets, or by casting a similar shape in bronze.’
      • ‘The basic construction is beehive shaped and is made of bent wood of either willow or hazel, and it is quite heavy and unfeminine.’
      • ‘The place was dotted with the corbel-vaulted beehive huts of the prehistoric inhabitants.’
      • ‘‘Then I'll sweep the back hallway,’ Alexia promised, deftly sliding the loaves into the waiting beehive oven.’
      • ‘Whole ears of fresh blue corn are baked in their traditional outdoor beehive ovens for 15 minutes or so and then eaten warm.’
      • ‘The bus pulls into a massive parking lot, shadowed by yet more of the beehive apartment buildings, the surrounding hills actually covered in trees.’
      • ‘Or head to the Six Senses Earth Spa, a cluster of beehive domed, ochre-walled treatment rooms.’
      • ‘One shoe and a boot were uncovered during work on the building, which also revealed a beehive oven and fire hole that experts believe are part of an even older house on the site.’
      • ‘Limestone seating is used in the steam room, and the private treatment rooms are designed to resemble monks' beehive cells.’
      • ‘The kitchen, with an open log fire at one end, is well equipped and once a year she holds cooking classes and through the windows wafts the smell of tortillas being baked in the terracotta beehive ovens.’
    2. 1.2
      another term for Praesepe
    3. 1.3 A busy, crowded place.
      ‘the church became a beehive of activity’
      • ‘Today, it is a beehive of activity, trade, fishermen and villagers, amidst the scenic beauty.’
      • ‘The music department is amazing and impressive; students everywhere, tantalizing music coming out of offices and practice rooms on every floor of what seems like an ever-humming beehive.’
      • ‘Jasmine turned to the rest of their group, who were gossiping non-stop, resembling something along the lines of a busy beehive.’
      • ‘But each time is still cause for hectic work schedules and adjusting to seeing the quaint, quiet community transformed into a beehive of activity.’
      • ‘The chess club, music school, film circle, Russian speakers' forum, drama club, the library and the reading room have been revived after almost a decade and the centre has once again become a beehive of activity.’
      • ‘Behind the scenes, the interview room was also a beehive of activity.’
      • ‘Leo entered the hall an hour and half after the winds had forced him inside and saw, as he had expected, that the room was a beehive of activity.’
      • ‘Located in the eastern part of the city on a once dry and desolate vast piece of land, today it is a fascinating beehive of activities, the dreariness having given place to eye catching greenery and multiple activities.’
      • ‘As the World Cup entered the crucial stage, the popular pub turned a beehive for soccer fans.’
      • ‘The area in and around the monument is already a beehive of activity.’
      • ‘During daytime, the narrow passages, which accommodate provision stores, vegetable outlets and shops dealing in spices and condiments, are a beehive of activity.’
      • ‘Since the beginning of March, the Alliance has been a beehive of activities ranging from a photo exhibition, a translation workshop and a competition to test fluency in French.’
      • ‘Cate descended the staircase into a beehive of activity.’
      • ‘Early on the day of the event, the house becomes a beehive of activity.’
      • ‘At weekends and on holidays, the kitchens at ethnic restaurants are beehives of frenetic activity.’
      • ‘Lab is soooo much better when it's just lab, and less of a busy beehive.’
      • ‘The normally sleepy hall becomes a beehive of activity during a council meeting.’
      • ‘By then the ‘secret’ locality was known to a few other collectors, and the site was a beehive of activity.’
      • ‘Well into the day, the kitchen was a beehive of activity with figures in white bustling about chopping, cutting and racing against time.’
      • ‘The city, usually a busy place became a beehive of activity.’
  • 2A woman's domed and lacquered hairstyle popular in the 1960s.

    • ‘They wore sleek hairstyles, or things called beehives; they were poised, ageless and grown-up, and they had nothing, nothing to do with me or the likes of me.’
    • ‘A slim Farideh pouts at the lens, her skirt several inches shy of the knee, her black beehive dropping teased curls on her brow while beside her a smooth-necked Hussain seems filled with confidence of the future.’
    • ‘Together with the colourful fifties style costumes - all beehive hairdos and swirly skirts - it perfectly evokes the mood of that era.’
    • ‘Despite the brash blonde beehive and penchant for attention-seeking clothes and make-up, there's no way you could mistake Jenny for an airhead - which must make her choice of title for the new show ironic.’
    • ‘Shirley was alone, her beehive frizzed and singed.’
    • ‘Then it was sprayed into a solid beehive or bouffant helmet that sometimes flowed into curls, waves or a tight flip at the ends.’
    • ‘The sign above the restaurant showed a smiling waitress with a beehive hairdo.’
    • ‘‘Oh, hello sweetie,’ my mother greets me, her 6ft blonde beehive swaying ominously, and her bubblegum pink sweater cut too low to be legal.’
    • ‘It was where, as a teenager, he saw the fairground showmen set up camp with waltzers, dodgems and swingboats, bringing the promise of a merry-go-round of girls with beehive hairdos and stiletto heels.’
    • ‘Henry entered the classroom five minutes late, her beehive hair-do looking especially tight that afternoon.’
    • ‘Casey couldn't see what they lady was doing; she was hidden behind a counter, only the top of a beehive hair style showing.’
    • ‘The schoolgirls are now matrons, who venture out in their beehives to shop in the Women's Bazaar.’
    • ‘His aide's balding head surfaced just behind Tina, bobbing up and down as he tried to see over her latest hairdo, a beehive laced with glittering red-and-green honeybees.’
    • ‘I can't believe any of those people actually went out in public places with those bouffants and beehives!’
    • ‘You know, Diary, Priscilla is a pretty girl, but I'd bet she'd look really great with a 16-inch beehive and about four pounds of makeup.’
    • ‘At the house, the groom meets the bride - her hair lacquered into an enormous beehive, a spray of pearls emerging from one side of it, six roses from the other.’
    • ‘I'm like those women who discovered beehives and winkle-pickers back in the 1950s and still sport them today.’
    • ‘Nothing is out of the ordinary when my lime green beehive tops an olive green and white suit.’
    • ‘Never mind if they end up creating beehives, poodle-cuts and frizzies on their heads.’
    • ‘Although she followed this with hit after hit, she was desperately insecure and hid herself under thick make-up and a beehive hairdo.’