Definition of beechdrops in US English:



  • A broomrape that is parasitic on the roots of beech trees. Unlike most broomrapes, it has branching stems.

    Epifagus virginiana, family Orobanchaceae

    • ‘Like Indian pipes, beechdrops have none of the chlorophyll of most plants and thus are not green.’
    • ‘Appearing in late summer and fall, beechdrops are common throughout southern Ontario wherever there are beech forests.’
    • ‘Peculiar, parasitic beechdrops grow on the roots of beech trees; squawroot, another plant devoid of chlorophyll, gains its nutrition from the leaf litter.’
    • ‘The dried stems of beechdrops can often be found through the winter.’
    • ‘Like all other members of the Broom-rape family, beechdrops lacks chlorophyll and is wholly parasitic, stealing nutrients from the roots of beech trees.’