Definition of beech fern in US English:

beech fern


  • A fern with triangular, deeply lobed fronds. Native to eastern North America, it favors moist woodland habitats and streamsides.

    Genus Thelypteris, family Polypodiaceae: two species, the broad beech fern (T. hexagonptera) and the long beech fern (also narrow beech fern or northern beech fern) (T. phegopteris)

    • ‘The fronds of beech ferns are shaped like arrowheads, with the lowest pair of leaflets pointing out at a diagonal.’
    • ‘Indian Mounds is the only Texas wilderness to preserve yellow lady's slipper orchids, broad beech ferns, and several other plant species.’
    • ‘Broad and narrow beech ferns, oak fern and polypodies are graceful ground covers, wandering happily through the humus-rich litter of the woodland floor.’
    • ‘Christmas, lady, cinnamon and broad beech ferns thrive in the area.’
    • ‘Typically found in rich woodlands, broad beech fern adapts well to virtually any partially shaded woodland garden.’