Definition of bee tree in US English:

bee tree


  • A hollow tree used by bees for a hive.

    ‘in the Appalachians, the tupelo is a prime bee tree’
    • ‘Soon the settlers were able to find bee trees and use the honey for food and the wax for candles.’
    • ‘When Mary Ellen gets bored with her reading, Grandpa knows a hunt for a bee tree is just what she needs.’
    • ‘Colonial honey bees could be found in three types of shelters: straw skeps, bee gums, or bee trees.’
    • ‘It rips open bee trees to feast on honey, honeycombs, bees, and larvae, and will tear apart rotting logs for grubs, beetles, crickets, and ants.’
    • ‘On June 8 they paused to draw honey from a ‘bee tree’ on Walker Creek, a tributary of the Guadalupe River about fifty miles north of San Antonio.’
    • ‘After a long chase, the bee tree is found.’
    • ‘Players will pull leaves out of the honey bee tree hoping not to disturb the bees inside.’
    • ‘One day when I was about thirteen years old, Old Man Green came to our house and said that there was a bee tree in his woods and that if my brothers would get the honey they could have half.’
    • ‘There are still many bee trees found in the wooded portions of the county.’
    • ‘Many times the so-called bee trees were cut down and the bees smoked out before the honey-filled combs were collected.’
    • ‘From time to time we searched for bee trees and removed their honey for ‘home consumption’.’
    • ‘In the region under dispute were several bee trees which the settlers valued because of the honey stored in the hollow trunks.’