Definition of bee dance in US English:

bee dance


  • A series of movements performed in the hive by worker honeybees to inform the colony of the direction and distance to a food source.

    • ‘They do a bee dance to let the rest of the hive know they've discovered a source of nectar.’
    • ‘Sometimes the bee dance may be defective, or the bees may not be able to find their way to the nectar due to high wind or other unfavorable conditions.’
    • ‘The ‘bee dance’ lets bees communicate by encoding pieces of information, such as where to specifically find food in terms of distance and direction.’
    • ‘Similarly, we can look at the bee dances and describe them in intentional terms; the motions the bees engage in enable the other bees to go where the pollen is, but it does not seem plausible to attribute a conscious awareness of what information is being sent in the course of the bee dance.’
    • ‘Thus, although the dance of the honeybee contains locational information about food sources, it is not necessary to assume that bee dances convey this information to other bees.’