Definition of bedsit in US English:


(also bedsitter, bed-sitting room)


  • A one-room apartment typically consisting of a combined bedroom and sitting room with cooking facilities.

    • ‘Most of the lots at the auction, which starts in the Gimcrack Suite, at 6pm, are houses divided into bedsits and investors and developers have already shown huge interest.’
    • ‘I live in a house that has been converted to include five bedsits and five small studio flats.’
    • ‘The old one comprised 28 bedsits and seven bungalows.’
    • ‘Currently the accommodation comprises bedsits with shared bathroom facilities.’
    • ‘Further up the hill were larger houses, which had mostly been turned into flats and bedsits.’
    • ‘The boyfriend had taken the keys to his bedsit off her and gone home in a mood.’
    • ‘We received a call from the two occupants in one of the other bedsits.’
    • ‘The scheme applies to houses, bedsits and flats with both single and multiple tenancies.’
    • ‘He said part of the problem was that its accommodation comprised of bedsits which were not in great demand among retired people.’
    • ‘The flat development consists of 25 one-bedroom units, four two bedroom flats and a single bedsit.’
    • ‘He added Southend had more than 150 known houses in multiple occupation, which were mainly bedsits and bed and breakfast accommodation.’
    • ‘While flats and bedsits have become less popular, houses with four or five bedrooms are in short supply.’
    • ‘He laughably said it was a one bedroom place, when in fact it was a bedsit in which he'd made an awfully bodged attempt to incorporate a separate bedroom.’
    • ‘We lived in a one-room bedsit, shared a kitchen, had no bathroom and used an outdoor earth closet adjoining the pigsty.’
    • ‘At nineteen I'd left home and was living in a small bedsit with my girlfriend (soon to become my wife).’
    • ‘I wanted to find myself somewhere nice to live, even if it was just one room, a little bedsit.’
    • ‘Returning to his roots in the Edinburgh area, he settled at Little Kellerstain and started to buy up dilapidated properties in the city's West End, converting and upgrading them into flats and bedsits for rental.’
    • ‘Its 23 bedsits and seven double flats are cramped, and bathrooms are shared.’
    • ‘I was at the office as it opened and started browsing, and within about ten minutes there were five of us in there all looking at single rooms and bedsits.’
    • ‘The building has 24 bedsits and flats and a Sarsen spokeswoman said only eight are currently occupied.’
    lodgings, living quarters, quarters, rooms
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