Definition of bedroll in English:



North American
  • A sleeping bag or other bedding rolled into a bundle.

    • ‘It was not until they were banking the fire and breaking out bedrolls to sleep on the beach that Dan finally found Sammy fast asleep amid the stack of blankets, hours ahead of them into dream land.’
    • ‘She changed, spread her bedroll out, and laid down to rest.’
    • ‘They all laid out their bedrolls and blankets in a corner.’
    • ‘They chatter, well argue drunkenly anyhow, until around 4am before going to bed in their own separate bedrolls.’
    • ‘Unrolling his bedroll, Muammar made himself as comfortable as possible, dreams of power and glory still filling his head.’
    • ‘The three brothers spread their bedrolls out beside the fire and even though their minds were racing they fell a sleep quickly.’
    • ‘Smiling to myself I realised that Tina must have put me into the bedroll whilst I was asleep as it couldn't have been me.’
    • ‘I grinned at him as I lifted the sleeping Maddie up and lay her on her bedroll under the wagon.’
    • ‘We all finished about the same time and Delilah took the plates to a nearby creak while the rest of us slipped into our bedrolls.’
    • ‘When finished listening, Altair made his way back to his horse, undid his bedroll, and began preparing to sleep.’
    • ‘As I nestle into my bedroll and blanket, I gaze up at the sky and see that a couple of stars have come out and also a gibbous moon has risen in the north.’
    • ‘Phineas Brock stretched out atop his bedroll beside the campfire, folded his arms under his head and gazed up at the crowded night sky.’
    • ‘He scooped her up and took her over to the bedrolls, laying her down there and covering her with a blanket.’
    • ‘They ate the food, placed their bedrolls on the ground, and went to sleep.’
    • ‘As I headed for my tent I looked around at the men wrapped in their bedrolls on the ground and wondered if they slept easy or dreamt of some useless battle that should never be.’
    • ‘Shrugging I put the bottle in my backpack and started to roll up my bedroll.’
    • ‘Young boys carrying bedrolls start pestering passengers to hire a roll for a good night's sleep.’
    • ‘Curious, he went toward the light and after his eyes adjusted, saw a crude camp of sorts, with a small fire going, four bedrolls, and what appeared to be a cache of foodstuffs.’
    • ‘The inside was roomier than he'd expected, with a bedroll, table, and a pair of makeshift chairs taking up the back half of the tent space.’
    • ‘‘I'm going to go to sleep,’ Callio announced and pulled his bedroll out of the wagon.’