Definition of bedew in US English:



[with object]literary
  • Cover or sprinkle with drops of water or other liquid.

    • ‘Her mother ‘often saw her with cheeks bedewed with tears, on account of his new and astonishing behaviour,’.’
    • ‘Some plants were still bedewed although many were now starting to die down.’
    • ‘The rural imagery is varied: the rising sap, meadows, individual plants, birds, a bedewed rose among its thorns, storm, flood, and fair weather.’
    • ‘Here we are weary and toil worn, but yonder is the land of rest where the sweat of labour shall no more bedew the workers brow, and fatigue shall be forever banished.’
    • ‘To ride their horses and take away their possessions, To see the faces of those who were dear to them bedewed with tears, and to clasp their wives and daughters in his arms.’
    dampen, wet, damp, dew, water, soak, irrigate, humidify
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