Definition of bedeguar in US English:


(also bedeguar gall)


  • another term for mossy rose gall
    • ‘A bedeguar gall is not the product of a single larva but a group of larvae, each residing in their own chamber within the gall.’
    • ‘Of lesser importance are the small plant-feeding larvae of some Gall Wasps, which induce unusual plant growth resulting in gall formations, such as the bright red bedeguar galls on wild roses (often called ‘robin's pincushion ’).’
    • ‘Which reminds me, I have just learnt that a robin's pincushion is technically known as a bedeguar.’
    • ‘Also called a bedeguar gall or Robin's pincushion, this gall is formed by a Cynipid wasp, Diplolepis rosae, that overwinters in the gall in the larval stage, then completes its life cycle in the spring.’


Late Middle English: from French bédégar, from Persian bād-āwar, literally ‘wind-brought’.