Definition of bedbug in US English:



  • A bloodsucking bug which is a parasite of birds and mammals.

    Family Cimicidae, suborder Heteroptera: Cimex and other genera, and many species, in particular the chiefly nocturnal C. lectularius, which feeds mainly on humans, hiding in crevices or among clothing during the day

    • ‘But as was all too common in such imperial outposts, three of Sam's children died, as did his wife, not from an exotic disease but from typhus caught from bedbugs in a European hotel.’
    • ‘If a homeowner had his home treated for cockroaches, for example, the insecticide would kill bedbugs and other insects as well.’
    • ‘I went over to her side of the room and looked to find the bed and the room covered with bedbugs.’
    • ‘One of the bedbugs even managed to stay latched on behind my left knee for the drive back to Dublin.’
    • ‘To avoid bedbugs, wash bedding regularly at a high temperature and replace old mattresses and pillows regularly.’
    • ‘Fears that an infestation of giant, blood-sucking bedbugs is plaguing south Dublin have been raised after a second outbreak was confirmed.’
    • ‘In the last couple of months I have been bitten by bedbugs and had to deal with this problem.’
    • ‘We wished to avoid the constant and real threat of bedbugs, fleas, and other insect pests which we had brought home in our bags, topclothing, and soiled linens.’
    • ‘Up to a quarter of an inch in size, bedbugs feed when it's dark, piercing your skin while you're sleeping and gorging themselves on your blood.’
    • ‘It's not uncommon at all to battle bedbugs for a period of months, and some infestations as much as a year.’
    • ‘Spiders typically bite only once, so if you're finding multiple sites of assault, the culprits might be fleas, mites, or bedbugs.’
    • ‘She says she and her two teenage sons, Miguel and Alan, were bitten by hundreds of bedbugs at the inn across from the theme park's main gate.’
    • ‘A couple complained their bed was full of bedbugs.’
    • ‘But I've stayed in worse places, at inns with mattresses that had to be checked for bedbugs.’
    • ‘If you have been bitten by fleas, mites, or bedbugs you may have an infestation in your home, such as on one or more of your pets, and should try to find the infestation and get rid of it.’
    • ‘Bloodsucking bedbugs are sneaking back between the sheets some 50 years after being all but wiped out in the developed world, a new study says.’
    • ‘From townhouses to the most humble homes, New York City is being invaded by bedbugs.’
    • ‘Infected premises have to be doused with pesticides, but bedbugs are becoming resistant to the chemicals usually used to kill them.’
    • ‘First call was to a Paris slum hotel, where long lines of bedbugs marched over ceilings all day, and at night fed on the blood of half-starved residents.’