Definition of bedazzle in English:



  • 1Greatly impress (someone) with outstanding ability or striking appearance.

    ‘bedazzled by him, they offered him a job in Paris’
    ‘Roberts is not bedazzled by the red carpet’
    • ‘Long after he had stopped speaking, Cora was still held bedazzled by Fadran's words.’
    • ‘She bedazzled him with her feminine wile and captured his heart with tales of personal woe concerning the mysterious death of her mother, the cruel indifference of her father and her humiliation caused by King Magnus' public rejection.’
    • ‘Everyone was deeply curious about the woman who had bedazzled their emperor, in fact she was very obviously manipulating him.’
    • ‘What this postcard does first is bedazzle you with the illusion of three-dimensionality.’
    • ‘If you have an eye for color, for example, you'll be bedazzled by the nearly endless numbers of colors, hues, intensities, blends and shadings that roses bring to the garden.’
    • ‘How magical to be a youngster bedazzled by the lights, the booing and singing encouraged among the kids, and the mistaken notion that it's all for them and not the parents who are shelling out.’
    • ‘As they came upon the balcony guarded precariously by a short fence of black steel, Tia gazed up at the midnight sky, bedazzled by its sudden beauty.’
    • ‘Yet I was lost in the haze of the impending battle, my eyes fazed and bedazzled by the brilliant flash of swords and cutlasses.’
    • ‘So if you feel compelled to bedazzle your boss, unless she praises you every time she sees you, you'll always feel you failed.’
    • ‘Once through, the women were bedazzled by row after row of soldiers.’
    • ‘We ran them off the park and bedazzled them with one touch passing, scoring four times to their two.’
    • ‘Mirella had confessed in many times and places - even in her own memoirs - to being perpetually bedazzled by the moon, claiming the sight of it satisfied her more thoroughly than any man or woman ever could.’
    • ‘It was as a champion football player that he bedazzled all who were privileged to see him play.’
    • ‘But that's not always really that necessary in order to bedazzle an audience.’
    • ‘Doubtless, the special effects of this movie will bedazzle you.’
    • ‘It was an awful waste of life in his eyes, but it bedazzled Simon to think that someone could be so dedicated to a cause.’
    • ‘The general public, for whom these essays are also written, should be similarly bedazzled.’
    • ‘She cleans and plants bulbs and is bedazzled by the flowers months later, all the while talking excitedly about them.’
    • ‘It commences from 15th of May and bedazzles the visitors with excellent dance performances, concerts, and other performances.’
    • ‘Are you reading my button or are you just bedazzled by my beauty?’
    overpower, overcome, overwhelm, impress, strike, move, stir, affect, touch, sweep someone off their feet, awe, overawe, leave speechless, take someone's breath away, spellbind, hypnotize, fascinate, take aback, daze, stagger, floor, amaze, astonish
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  • 2Decorate or personalize (clothing or accessories) using sequins, beads, glitter, etc.

    ‘I'd bring a box of rhinestones so I could bedazzle our uniforms’
    ‘tiaras and beautiful bedazzled dresses’