Definition of Beckettian in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the Irish writer Samuel Beckett or his works.

    ‘the text is very Beckettian in tone’
    • ‘The text is, by all accounts, very Beckettian in tone.’
    • ‘In Beckettian performance, the physical encompasses or fringes on the metaphysical.’
    • ‘His brusque dismissal by passers-by lends a tinge of Beckettian pathos to this very plainly told tale.’
    • ‘I had the idea for the film when I heard a sort of Beckettian exchange in a cafe.’
    • ‘This story is a little complicated and rather absurd, almost in a Beckettian way.’


  • An admirer, imitator, or student of the Irish writer Samuel Beckett.

    ‘essays or articles by Beckettians’
    • ‘We hope in future years to bring American and European Beckettians closer together and to offer informal, social occasions for Beckett scholars to meet.’
    • ‘The present issue offers a number of fresh and at times provocative contributions from all over the world - mainly produced by young Beckettians at workshops.’
    • ‘This volume includes a number of the articles by young promising Beckettians who brought a touch of excitement to the symposium.’