Definition of beauty bush in US English:

beauty bush

(also beautybush)


  • A deciduous Chinese shrub of the honeysuckle family, with clusters of yellow-throated pink tubular flowers, widely cultivated as an ornamental.

    Kolkwitzia amabilis, family Caprifoliaceae

    • ‘With beauty bushes, heavenly bamboo, lilacs and any cane-type shrub, you will want take these old branches down to the ground.’
    • ‘I would like to plant a beauty bush as part of a shrub border to screen us from the road.’
    • ‘Usually beauty bushes are spectacular for the short time they're in bloom, but ‘just another shrub’ the rest of the year.’
    • ‘Among these valuable water plants, I noted various seaweed: some Cladostephus verticillatus, peacock's tails, fig-leafed caulerpa, grain-bearing beauty bushes, delicate rosetangle tinted scarlet, sea colander arranged into fan shapes, mermaid's cups that looked like the caps of squat mushrooms and for years had been classified among the zoophytes; in short, a complete series of algae.’
    • ‘Other shrubs that blossom in June are mountain laurel, beauty bush (Kolkwitzia amabilis, zones 5 to 8), mock orange (Philadelphus, zones 5 to 8), and azalea (Rhododendron, zones 5 to 7).’
    • ‘We are still running behind last year, the rhododendrons are just starting to bloom, no spider worts or beauty bush blooms yet.’
    • ‘For colored bark or twigs, try beauty bush, corkscrew willow, mountain mahogany, Mormon tea, and redtwig and yellowtwig dogwood.’