Definition of beautiful in US English:



  • 1Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

    ‘beautiful poetry’
    ‘a beautiful young woman’
    ‘the mountains were calm and beautiful’
    • ‘Hollywood loves a beautiful actress who is willing to sacrifice her glamour for her art.’
    • ‘As I waited, I felt very lucky to be able to sit in the dark listening to beautiful music.’
    • ‘How can we make things beautiful, attractive and desirable for us when they are not?’
    • ‘Her face wouldn't be called beautiful, but she was cute enough for men to want to date her.’
    • ‘He was now short and fat with a red face, but in some deeper sense he was very beautiful.’
    • ‘Stunning scenery makes Scotland one of the most beautiful places in the world to sail.’
    • ‘The next day, our last in the mountains, we wake to a truly beautiful sunrise over Syria.’
    • ‘Fabian felt furious at Tamora for being so cruel on someone so young and beautiful.’
    • ‘I did get to walk on the beach at night and it was as beautiful as I was expecting it to be.’
    • ‘They are all prepared by hand and are a work of art, almost too beautiful to eat.’
    • ‘In the end, three men are selected by three young women as being the most beautiful.’
    • ‘Right from day one she always loved school and she has grown into a beautiful young lady.’
    • ‘When you have nothing to do, you have time to think great thoughts and create beautiful art.’
    • ‘Paris is a stunningly beautiful city, one of the great capitals of the western world.’
    • ‘Kim's house and garden are quite beautiful and it put in mind of an idyllic French farm house.’
    • ‘In the process he made some of the most beautiful poems ever written in the English language.’
    • ‘Everyone turned and looked at a handsome young man in a beautiful hat, called Mike.’
    • ‘The cottage is small but lovely with a really beautiful garden and pretty facade.’
    • ‘He is a tall Scotsman with dark curly hair, beautiful dark eyes and is almost too handsome.’
    • ‘The huge metal structure that rises from the ground is at once beautiful and disturbing.’
    attractive, pretty, handsome, good-looking, nice-looking, pleasing, alluring, prepossessing, as pretty as a picture
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    1. 1.1 Of a very high standard; excellent.
      ‘she spoke in beautiful English’
      ‘the house had been left in beautiful order’
      • ‘In other news a guy at the pool said I was a beautiful swimmer, commenting on my butterfly.’
      • ‘There were many beautiful voices but no accents that related to the folk in the local chip shops.’
      • ‘In the movie, Ignacio sings in the choir and has a beautiful voice, as young Pedro did.’
      • ‘He had a beautiful singing voice and a sharp sense of humour, but was also a morose weekend drunk.’
      excellent, splendid, wonderful, magnificent, superb, glorious, sublime, lovely, delightful, too good to be true
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  • the beautiful people

    • 1Fashionable, glamorous, and privileged people.

      • ‘In society, he was part of high society, and rubbed elbows with the beautiful people of the world.’
      • ‘From time to time, it's fun to have a night out in a glamorous place filled with beautiful people and the cash doesn't really matter.’
      • ‘DJs Yovan and Platine will make the beautiful people bust a move as of 8 p.m. at this upper-Main party, which promises tapas.’
      • ‘The E went from illustrating backwater strip mall mentality to a symbol of the New York elite, the beautiful people.’
      • ‘I've been coming here since it first opened and the crowd was a classy mix of well heeled expats, fashionable Thais and a lot of beautiful people.’
      • ‘During my most recent visit, a friend commented that the real decor was all the beautiful people that were packed into the place.’
      • ‘Our table was surrounded by a lot of beautiful people in typically garish Russian fashion which made for interesting people watching.’
      • ‘Is it only the feeling of the rich, the affluent, the elite, the beautiful people, the upper classes and the rising middle classes?’
      • ‘That distinction goes to the deluge of brainless stories about high life and high society and the branding of beautiful people as experts on everything under the sun.’
      • ‘There are other similarities with its London cousin - the bar-restaurant-rooms combination; the concentration of beautiful people.’
      best, pick, cream, flower, nonpareil, elect
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    • 2(in the 1960s) hippies.

      • ‘These were the beautiful people; the In-Crowd in which the Beatles sing about in "Baby You're a Rich Man".’
      • ‘Then in came the beautiful people on four motorcycles, right into the ballroom, oozing with flower-power.’
      • ‘It's by Bill Gibb, the farm boy from Buchan who grew up to become the darling of the beautiful people in the late 1960s and '70s, and who is about to have his fashion moment again.’
  • the body beautiful

    • An ideal of physical beauty.

      • ‘More people are fuelling the growing demand for cosmetic surgery as they search for the body beautiful with people in Manchester particularly keen to go under the knife, according to data published today.’
      • ‘It is easy to see why both males and females fall into the trap of succumbing to the idea of the body beautiful.’
      • ‘I mean you've put the beauty myth and relationships and the body beautiful up on the screen and scrutinised it over and over again.’
      • ‘I have had to re-examine this simplistic philosophy now I've relocated to southern California, where the cult of the body beautiful is pursued with religious fervour.’
      • ‘Staying with the body beautiful, cosmetic dentistry, once the prerogative of American mid-west beauty queens, is set to become this year's big hitter.’
      • ‘The ideal of the body beautiful is contrasted with the reality of the battered, bulging, diseased, ageing, and, yes, often toothless bodies of real humans.’
      • ‘Unfortunately we live in a society that craves eternal youth and the body beautiful.’
      • ‘Muscle in turn gives the body beautiful lines and curves; fat on the other hand, gives the body a distended look.’
      • ‘The continuing obsession with the body beautiful and concerns about health have meant that membership of a fitness centre is top of the list of must-haves for the health-conscious person.’
      • ‘One of the more intelligent and articulate athletes in the sport, Prince ruminated on the irony of his current public role as a representative of the body beautiful, whose body seemed to be breaking down internally.’