Definition of beatitude in US English:



  • 1Supreme blessedness.

    ‘the expression of beatitude the religious sometimes adopt’
    • ‘At times Watson's poems reek of second-hand beatitude, and his preoccupation with his status of ‘writer’ reminds me of Dransfield.’
    • ‘It is the condition of beatitude - the divine vision of the person of God by an individuated soul.’
    • ‘The only possible object of beatitude is the Party, or what the Party may be supposed to stand for.’
    • ‘Or, like other religions, will the Catholic Church, too, emphasize spiritual beatitude over the passion for justice?’
    • ‘And yet that billboard vouchsafes to one of the novel's minor characters, J. Edgar's ghostly Sister, a vision of beatitude.’
    • ‘The terrifying aspect of this Self makes Arjuna shudder with fear, and hence the Lord also reveals His most beautiful form that is full of bliss, beatitude, and serenity.’
    • ‘It doesn't hurt that Murdoch is being played by Dench, who achieves that magical balance of beatitude and pragmatism we have come to expect from her.’
    • ‘Above the earth are six heavens called Swarga, with increasing beatitude as one ascends.’
    • ‘Celebrity is very corrosive of beatitude, so are benzedrine and heroin.’
    • ‘Meditation is the science of bringing inner beauty, inner beatitude, inner benediction.’
    • ‘Sometimes our answer to these realities is passive beatitude.’
    • ‘The phrase was on the cover of a Christian magazine which showed an awkward-looking teen sat in a chair being hugged by his parents who had expressions of moronic beatitude.’
    • ‘The goings-on and the ideals behind them - love, peace, communality, ecstasy, the beatitude of youth - belong to the Zeitgeist that shaped Lubovitch's aesthetic some three decades back.’
    • ‘Whereas in the classical account, happiness encompassed the span of a lifetime, Christian beatitude was infinite.’
    • ‘They began to talk loudly and at length on a range of topics: the benefits of various air miles and insurance packages; the moral beatitude of wealth creation; their twin enthusiasms for brand development and soul music.’
    • ‘As the boon-giving guru gives the mantra in contentment and beatitude, try to please him with devotion, wealth, your very life.’
    • ‘For the scholastic this is of course a supernatural end, a life of grace in this world and beatitude in the next.’
    • ‘Surely he has not excluded women from beatitude?’
    • ‘Someone may counter by saying that traditionally Chinese people prefer to live a long life because longevity is equivalent to beatitude.’
    blessedness, benediction, grace
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    1. 1.1the Beatitudes The blessings listed by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:3–11).
      • ‘As we saw in Chapter 4, Matthew deliberately chose to open his account of the teaching of Jesus with an interpretation of the Beatitudes which introduced some of his most characteristic concerns.’
      • ‘Might not the first of the Beatitudes, concerning ‘the poor in spirit,’ refer to those paralyzed in prayer?’
      • ‘Into this place come the familiar words of Jesus and his Beatitudes.’
      • ‘Broderick gave a splendid preamble asking the president to turn back from the god of war to the master he professes to follow, and quoted from the Beatitudes of Jesus, the ‘blessed ares.’’
      • ‘In contrast, the Catholic doctrine of suffering, like the Beatitudes, inverted the oppressive world of nature: the lowly were raised up and the mighty cast down.’
      • ‘But we can return to the Beatitudes, which Richard mentioned earlier, to see how Jesus viewed the moral law.’
      • ‘It was a community that was based on the scriptural principles of the Beatitudes, and it tried to live in a peaceful way with the English.’
      • ‘It simply goes through the Beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount, explains the essence of each one, and appends a simple prayer for each, asking God to help us cultivate that particular trait of godliness.’
      • ‘When Jesus in the Beatitudes says that the meek shall inherit the earth, he repeats the psalmist's wishful thinking.’
      • ‘For example, it is possible to study the Beatitudes in Matthew's gospel without actually practicing the gestures of nonviolence based upon this gospel.’
      • ‘Remember that line in the Beatitudes: ‘Blessed are the meek, because they shall inherit the earth.’’
      • ‘At the end of each chapter, Cook poses soul-searching questions and suggests exercises that will help readers apply the Beatitudes to their lives and their relationships.’
      • ‘Over the past couple of weeks, my faith community has been looking at the Beatitudes in the Bible at the beginning of Matthew 5.’
      • ‘The Beatitudes should be seen, according to Betz, as an exordium for the entire Sermon.’
      • ‘Standing firmly on the side of the poor (if only because he himself lived in abject poverty), Bloy embraced the Beatitudes ' inversions, rewriting abjection as election.’
      • ‘The Beatitudes and other teachings in which Jesus exhorts his disciples to put all their trust in God have a special meaning in this context (Neyrey).’
      • ‘David preached a stirring sermon on the Beatitudes as he reflected on his visit by bus to an African village.’
      • ‘I haven't heard one of them demand that the Sermon on the Mount, the Beatitudes, be posted anywhere.’
      • ‘The Sermon on the Mount is, in many ways, an explication of the righteousness of the kingdom, evident even in the blessedness promised in the Beatitudes.’
      • ‘In the Beatitudes, Jesus blesses those who hunger and thirst after justice. I can't imagine that Mr. Gibson's vision or his film will add to the balance of this world's justice.’
    2. 1.2his/your Beatitude A title given to patriarchs in the Orthodox Church.
      • ‘We welcome you just one year after the World Conference on Mission and Evangelism that gathered in Athens, Greece, so generously hosted by Your Beatitude and the Church of Greece.’
      • ‘The Archbishop remembered the meeting with His Beatitude one month back during his visit to Kerala.’
      • ‘In this work of renewal blessed by God, know, Your Beatitude, that Catholics are at the side of their Orthodox brethren in prayer and in their willingness to help in any useful way.’
      • ‘Thanks be to almighty God for this gift to his Church in the person of Your Beatitude as Pastor and guide of the beloved Greek Melkite community!’
      • ‘During the Vienna meetings, His Beatitude said, no progress was made, but a different impression was given.’
      • ‘Wherefore apprising Your Beatitude of this wish of His Highness I would further advise that the borrowed books will be used only for translation and will be returned.’
      • ‘Your Beatitude, what is the condition of the Armenian Church in Turkey today?’
      • ‘Allow me to bend the protocol, Your Beatitude, so that now, towards the end of this address, I may turn my grateful and filial thoughts to you.’
      • ‘It has been 28 days since His Beatitude the Archbishop of Ohrid and Metropolitan of Skopje Jovan is imprisoned in the prison Idrizovo, near Skopje.’
      • ‘It gives me great pleasure to meet Your Beatitude in this Primatial See of the Orthodox Church of Greece.’
      • ‘Not doubting at all that Your Beatitude would want to share these ideas, we beg you to accept the expression of our fraternal and cordial greetings.’
      • ‘… By the will of God, Your Beatitude became the head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church at the time when Ukraine became sovereign and freedom was restored to our Church.’
      • ‘This is how, in His Beatitude's words, unity in prayer develops, both in a family and in the whole Church.’
      • ‘Please accept our heartfelt congratulations to Your Beatitude on your election to the Patriarchal Throne of the Mother of Churches, the Jerusalem Patriarchate!’
      • ‘As Archbishop of Tirana and All Albania, His Beatitude has presided over the resurrection of this Church.’
      • ‘With great joy I received the announcement of Your Beatitude's election to the Patriarchal See of Alexandria for Copts and your request for Ecclesiastical Communion.’
      • ‘The Delegation of the Ecumenical Patriarchate then accompanied His Beatitude and His entourage to the Conrad Hotel, where they will be staying for the duration of their visit.’
      • ‘After he arrived, a service of thanksgiving was held at St. Andrew's Cathedral and then all the official invited guests accompanied His Beatitude to a formal lunch.’
      • ‘Those who had come out to see His Beatitude felt even closer after having known him better.’


Late Middle English: from Old French beatitude or Latin beatitudo, from beatus ‘blessed’.