Definition of beater in US English:



  • 1A person who hits someone or something, typically on a habitual basis.

    ‘he is not a drug addict, an alcoholic, or a woman beater’
    • ‘But to say the love of your life is a beater is really stupid.’
    • ‘He must be gutted that he gets 9 months, and other criminals such as muggers, OAP beaters etc. get off with a suspended sentence or community work!’
    • ‘To drive home her point, she called him a 'serial woman-beater' before letting off a volley of cuss words.’
    • ‘I've had to deal with violent grannies and aggressive alcoholics and girlfriend beaters.’
    • ‘Oh, wait, no-no, he was still a beater and a cheater and sired a daughter who's got issues.’
    1. 1.1 A person who beats metal in manufacturing.
      ‘he started out as a metal beater in the sheet metal shop’
      • ‘He was born early in the sixteenth century in Seville, where, according to Cervantes, he worked as a metal-beater.’
      • ‘He stepped into a silver-beater's shop as the caravans passed.’
      • ‘After the war he was engaged for about nine years in mining and then entered the rolling-mill at Leechburg, where he was a beater for eight years.’
  • 2A person employed to flush out or drive game animals for shooting by striking at the ground cover.

    ‘he had regularly worked as a beater on grouse shoots on Soyland Moor’
    • ‘A detachment of young peasants had been designated as beaters.’
    • ‘Acting as the beaters, the infantry platoon is to clear the woods for the enemy eyes forward.’
    • ‘His failing powers were shown up when he had to give up shooting after he accidentally peppered one of the beaters.’
    • ‘Local children skipped school so they could be beaters at a local pheasant shoot, to the headteacher's annoyance.’
    • ‘Saboteurs are not unknown, with the result that most keepers take great care when hiring beaters.’
    • ‘Professional beaters will be called in by Bradford Council to drive birds on to privately-owned adjoining moors where grouse shoots still take place.’
    • ‘As employing beaters for driven shoots is expensive, there has been a big rise in ‘walked-up’ shoots, when a small group of gunmen walk across land and drive their own birds up into the air.’
    • ‘On Saturday afternoon Mr Seymour & I did some shooting - rabbits & grouse with the girls as beaters.’
    • ‘There would be beaters for the season and people to cook meals and run the lodge for the shooting parties.’
    • ‘We used to pay beaters, most of whom were miners, 7s 6d a day and give them each a bottle of beer.’
    • ‘As the beaters come within range and the sky darkens, a whistle indicates that the day is over - and when we assemble back at the road, I am astonished.’
  • 3An implement or machine used for beating.

    ‘beat two eggs in large bowl with a hand beater until fluffy’
    • ‘The two then went to Samuel's farm where they observed the operation of Anderson's invention, which used a drum and beaters.’
    • ‘In Manchester the chief officer has been ordering two firefighters in a van to respond to grass fires - without water and equipped only with beaters.’
    • ‘It's also available with a beater or brush-spreading mechanism, so operators can choose the optimum spreading unit for their operation.’
    • ‘Once dry, it was again collected on drays, and back it went to the mill to be fed through a machine with wooden beaters, called a scutcher.’
    • ‘To prevent the fire spreading to nearby Heckbarley forest, fire fighters used beaters and dampers to cut it off.’
    • ‘The revolving beaters strip off all the tow and loose matter.’
    • ‘Fire-fighting tools such as beaters and knapsack sprayers should be to hand and ready to use.’
    • ‘Size reduction is achieved by fixed or swinging beater arms revolving at speed within a chamber.’
    • ‘The Vent-Free Gas Products Alliance reports vent-free beaters are safe when used as directed.’
    • ‘The Dutch advantage lay in a new technique, the Holland beater, that shredded fresh linen and that dispensed with the fermentation stage of the old technique.’
    • ‘Steady winds fanned the flames despite firefighters and National Park officials directing six hosereel jets on to the fire and beating out hotspots with rubber beaters.’
    blender, food processor, liquidizer, stirrer, churn, whisk
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  • 4informal A means of defeating or preventing something.

    ‘a recession beater’
    • ‘You can also use a liquid control like a weed beater ultra which is very effective against dandelions and other weeds.’
    • ‘At the time of release the tablet was penned as an iPad beater.’
    • ‘Strike beaters: the London mayor caught the Tube to work, condemning the industrial action on Twitter.’
    • ‘The Kenyans tend to be globe beaters at distance running.’
    • ‘In my humble opinion this phone is an iPhone beater, I sold my 3G to get it, and so far I am mightily impressed with it.’
    • ‘Fortunately the rabid fans in Columbus have organized a summer doldrums beater called Cannonfest so remember that event and see you there!’
    • ‘Every transit network has its fare beaters, the riders who view payment as either optional or prohibitively expensive.’
    • ‘If any of your corporate allies don't like it, they'll have to come up with a market beater that WORKS this time, or they have no right to comment on what you do.’
    • ‘The fund has lagged the index in the recent bull market, but it's a long-term index beater.’
    • ‘He was the indomitable cancer fighter and cancer beater who finished first in the Tour de France a record seven times.’
  • 5North American informal A dilapidated but serviceable car.

    ‘I bought a beater and drove that for a few years’
    • ‘A top 10 hit is merely a college radio staple, and I'm downgraded from a Benz to a beater.’
    • ‘If I am the one driving this beater into a pole at 63 mph, then I'm the one responsible for judgement day.’
    • ‘Got back in the car, started their car again, which is a bit of an old beater, and it backfired, apparently.’
    • ‘He also distributes untold numbers of these papers to various parts of town, except that he can't at the moment, because his beater car finally died.’
    • ‘Night Flares yearns to be played in a 20-year-old beater barrelling down a moon-drenched highway.’
    • ‘He drove 25 miles to Sioux Falls, where a family friend spotted the old beater and called the police.’
    • ‘For a moment, it fishtailed wildly as it accelerated at a speed he would have thought impossible for such an old beater.’
    • ‘Sure, one might put a bush beater out there, or a military-influenced four-wheeler, but a Lexus?’
    • ‘Have an old beater leaking battery acid in the driveway?’
    • ‘When you have an old, beater car, you might wait a day or two before taking those few soda cans out of the cupholders and the backseat and throwing them away.’
    • ‘These old beaters are working trucks on the Mills' New York farm, so they have never been beautified, though they have been maintained in working mechanical order.’
    • ‘I have a Lincoln LS that Claudia drives most of the time, and then I have an old beater Lumina van that I chase parts in.’
    • ‘I got a Honda wagon beater and it gets me from A to B just fine.’
    • ‘You start the game at level 1 with a beater car that looks pretty clunky and has many of the lower end parts in the game.’
    • ‘She slid herself into the passenger seat of her friends beater Chevy IROC.’
    • ‘‘We don't drive very far, and we need to repair 'em ourselves,’ the beater's owner later tells me.’