Definition of beat the system in US English:

beat the system


  • Succeed in finding a means of getting around rules, regulations, or other means of control.

    • ‘We had tried to beat the system, but the system had beaten us.’
    • ‘Although he admitted that there are some people that are currently beating the system, he stressed that the current taxation process is the only way to go.’
    • ‘Folks are beginning to figure out how they can beat the system, so to speak, because there are all sorts of travel restrictions.’
    • ‘The truth is that the average consumer today has no moral compunction about beating the system.’
    • ‘Follow these seven rules and you too can beat the system and earn money from your plastic.’
    • ‘We often get complaints from loyal and honest passengers who are frustrated by the people who believe they can beat the system.’
    • ‘No matter what you do, they're going to look for ways to beat the system, and sometimes they'll succeed.’
    • ‘It's fascinating just to watch the parties whooping it up at the craps tables, the dead-eyed addicts feeding the slots and the seasoned professionals trying to beat the system.’
    • ‘A father desperate to get his daughter into a prestigious girls grammar school - 15 miles from where he lives - revealed how he beat the system.’
    • ‘Armed with that information, it would be relatively easy to help an applicant beat the system.’