Definition of beat the rap in US English:

beat the rap


North American
  • Escape punishment for or be acquitted of a crime.

    • ‘And one of this disgusting crew beat the rap when he was charged and tried a few years back, a time when their expressions of remorse might have actually meant something.’
    • ‘She beat the rap in August, acquitted of all charges by a federal jury in Memphis.’
    • ‘Even when doping athletes are caught, they often beat the rap.’
    • ‘It'll be a miracle if he doesn't face eviction this week, but there's a very strong chance that he'll beat the rap.’
    • ‘It also meant that Gorshkov had little hope of beating the rap.’
    • ‘Even before the crimes were committed, the White House was planning how to beat the rap.’
    • ‘The trio was under the impression that they were untouchable and would beat the rap and began to transfer their assets to relatives' modern-day off-shore accounts.’
    • ‘He'd always have a very good lawyer, who would help him beat the rap.’
    • ‘This will no doubt be a case of another celebrity beating the rap.’
    • ‘Pearson's book reveals the unseemly tactics that accused women use to beat the rap.’