Definition of beat someone up in US English:

beat someone up

phrasal verb

  • 1Assault and severely injure someone by hitting, kicking, or punching them repeatedly.

    • ‘Well, the only way that she could have been injured like that was if she was beaten up.’
    • ‘The youngsters have kicked his door, threatened to beat him up and thrown eggs at his door in Manor Road, Dovercourt.’
    • ‘Apparently, on Sunday, August 18, he assaulted his wife, beating her up pretty badly.’
    • ‘He put up so much of a struggle that they had to beat him up and knock him out before taking him in.’
    • ‘It's a social problem, where it's becoming acceptable to attack people and beat them up in this way.’
    • ‘She finds it hard to forget that her dad attacked me once and beat me up in front of her.’
    • ‘When her father, brother and sisters protested, they were beaten up, shoved and dragged around the house.’
    • ‘I used to dread getting the results of tests because my name would always be called out first, as the highest score and then classmates would threaten to beat me up during the break.’
    • ‘During her first week she was jumped by a gang of bullies who proceeded to beat her up.’
    • ‘She had been constantly threatened by other pupils, who said they would beat her up after school.’
  • 2Abuse someone verbally.

    • ‘I was beating myself up for even thinking about such ridiculous things, but you cannot help what you think during these times.’
    • ‘Stop beating yourself up about your weight; you are fine as you are!’
    • ‘Maybe it's time to stop beating ourselves up for being cynical about marriage and relationships.’
    • ‘If truth be told I've had a totally relaxing and lazy 2 days, and here I am beating myself up because I haven't achieved anything worth noting.’
    • ‘I am still beating myself up about a letter I lost about five years ago.’
    • ‘May be we should just accept the fact that with this season ‘to be merry’, comes a certain dose of celebratory excess, and not beat ourselves up for it.’
    • ‘Let's stop beating ourselves up about this and make use of it.’
    • ‘Do what you can do, but please don't beat yourself up, because you can't do it all.’
    • ‘Is there any point beating myself up about being lucky?’
    • ‘I've also been beating myself up over the fact that I don't have a career.’
    assault, attack, mug, batter, thrash, pummel, pound
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