Definition of beat someone down in US English:

beat someone down

phrasal verb

  • Force someone to reduce the price of something.

    • ‘He beat me down on the price. He got a bargain from a naive schoolboy and I still resent him now for that.’
    • ‘She asks me for a bottle of country liquor and one chicken and a hundred rupees and I beat her down to fifty because that is all I have.’
    • ‘Legitimate net design guys like me struggle to get clients, who then beat us down on price.’
    • ‘Friends say if you ask to borrow a fiver, he'd beat you down to £4.’
    • ‘Some buyers tend to view the survey as a way of beating the price down further but that's human nature, and you learn to cope with it.’
    • ‘They loved the house, and the garden, but Ms Doctor was the kind of buyer who thinks she can beat the price down by finding bad things on which to fasten.’
    barter, bargain, negotiate, discuss terms, quibble, wrangle
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