Definition of beastie in US English:


nounPlural beasties

  • 1An animal, insect, or germ.

    ‘our immune systems are killing millions of wee beasties’
    • ‘These wee beasties can ruin a holiday if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time.’
    • ‘While adults will be tantalised by the sweeping vistas and stunning landscapes of the 1,530-hectare tree-lined valley, children will probably pay more attention to the beasties roaming at ground level.’
    • ‘The resultant compost is a fantastic soil improver, and it usually comes with a healthy population of beasties and micro-organisms which will contribute to your soil's health once incorporated into it.’
    • ‘The vented roofs of Caribbean housing are great for surviving the high gusts of a tropical storm but lousy at keeping out uninvited wee beasties.’
    • ‘House dust mite being the wee beastie that lives in carpets, cushions and bedding, and seems to provoke asthma.’
    • ‘The warm, sunny weather broke on our last day, but the persistent drizzle didn't deter us from visiting the wilds of Dalton-in-Furness, where we came face to face with beasties of all description.’
    • ‘My sister Jill was having nightmares about bugs and beasties and snakes on my behalf.’
    • ‘There are numerous bugs, beasties and lurgies out there waiting to attack your trees and shrubs.’
    • ‘I've got three in a shady corner, grazing on flying beasties.’
    • ‘I must admit that the wee beasties were really trying to be helpful, as their housecleaning instincts struggled to emerge sensibly into a world whose method of organization fell far short of their stringent standards.’
    • ‘Secondly, reference books, for example the major avifaunas and standard works on the identification of Britain's flowers, bryophytes, moths and other beasties I may encounter.’
    • ‘But I'd like to know whether it's possible, or if there are even any pygmy jerboa now living in North America, just to satisfy my own sort of obsessive curiosity about these wee little beasties.’
    • ‘Proietto bases his daily menu on whatever the Chioggia fish market has to offer; the wee beasties are cooked, or marinated, the same way Venetians do them at home.’
    • ‘With regard to wee garden-dwelling beasties, it is important to sort out the friends from the foes.’
    • ‘It's a tourist spot between Minehead and Taunton housing all manner of wee tropical beasties, and it was a regular destination for school outings when we both went to Taunton School.’
    • ‘The simplest approach is to hold that there are three: animals, plants, and wee beasties.’
    • ‘Japanese beetle traps attract the beasties from miles around, so let your neighbors do the trapping.’
    • ‘You're petrified of these poor wee beasties!’
    • ‘It was very nice indeed but I have to fight the urge to be TOO tidy, so the wee bugs and beasties have somewhere to overwinter.’
    • ‘Despite my love of beasties generally, the larvae of the gooseberry sawfly are top of my hit list at the moment.’
    insect, flea, mite, midge
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    1. 1.1informal with adjective A vehicle or device of a particular kind.
      ‘these little beasties only have three wheels’
      • ‘This angular beastie uses its heat-ray vision to break out of its corral, and then accompanies the heroes on their quest.’
      • ‘Fifty-six matches are on display and feature a variety of mechanical beasties built expressly to beat the Valvoline out of other mechanical beasties.’
      • ‘Of course, being the rapacious little beastie it is, the site always needs more submissions - get scribbling today and give my creative juices a rest!’
      • ‘So instead of my snappy little digital camera, I've been carrying round my big totally-analogue beastie.’
      • ‘Unless they've some magical beastie to use for it, they've no choice but to move her by horse, wagon, or afoot.’
      • ‘And this brings us to the $64,000 question: What is this little beastie good for?’
      • ‘This voracious beastie uses enormous amounts of resources and creates large quantities of pollution.’
      • ‘EU regulations are requiring car manufacturers to make these metal beasties more readily recyclable.’
      • ‘I have quelled the ferocious beasties that are computer viruses, all without hurting those that should be maimed horribly.’
      • ‘The level of ordnance unleashed in a Transformer battle expressed as a ratio of the amount of actual structural damage done to the shapeshifting metal beasties themselves would make any quartermaster weep.’