Definition of bearcat in English:



  • 1A bearlike climbing mammal, especially the red panda.

    • ‘Originally nicknamed the catbear, the red panda became known as the bearcat.’
    • ‘Instead he sighed and said, ‘It's a real bearcat.’’
    • ‘What is a bearcat, and why is that town the home of them?’
    • ‘But again, it's called a bearcat with a prehensile tail.’
  • 2A binturong.

    • ‘One local creature that seems to be doing very nicely is the Palawan bearcat.’
    • ‘Their appearance has earned them the nick name 'bearcat' as they do share some physical similarities with both the bear and the cat, even though they are not related to either one of these animals, they are actually more closely related to civets.’
    • ‘Though they are often called bearcats because of their appearance, binturongs are actually tree-dwelling, nocturnal mammals more closely related to civets.’
    • ‘The Palawan Bearcat usually stays in denser vegetation both in original and secondary growth forests.’
    • ‘A Bearcat is another name for a binturong, a sloth-like mammal from Southeast Asia.’
  • 3US informal An aggressive or forceful person.

    • ‘My son is a total bearcat when his gums are hurting him.’
    • ‘I bet she is a bearcat to live with.’
    • ‘His English teacher was a “great lady and she was a bearcat on making everything perfect,” he laughs.’
    • ‘As the sports staff soon found out, he was a bearcat on statistics.’
    • ‘He's a bearcat, I wouldn't kid you.’