Definition of bearcat in US English:



  • 1A bearlike climbing mammal, especially the red panda or binturong.

    • ‘But again, it's called a bearcat with a prehensile tail.’
    • ‘Instead he sighed and said, ‘It's a real bearcat.’’
    • ‘Originally nicknamed the catbear, the red panda became known as the bearcat.’
    • ‘What is a bearcat, and why is that town the home of them?’
  • 2US informal An aggressive or forceful person.

    • ‘He's a bearcat, I wouldn't kid you.’
    • ‘His English teacher was a “great lady and she was a bearcat on making everything perfect,” he laughs.’
    • ‘My son is a total bearcat when his gums are hurting him.’
    • ‘As the sports staff soon found out, he was a bearcat on statistics.’
    • ‘I bet she is a bearcat to live with.’